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CPE0013-like alignments in Clostridium ljungdahlii DSM 13528

These alignments are sequences aligned to the 0054237 model.

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The numbers along the top are the segment numbers of the HMM states, and each sequence is seperately aligned to the model.
The first sequence is the seed the model was built from.
Upper case letters are aligned, lower case letters are insertions, '-' signifies a deletion and '.' is nothing.

                                              10        20        30        40        50        60  
                                               |         |         |         |         |         |  

d2jova1                             TGVDIICTKNLPK--ds
gi|300856890|ref|YP_003781874.1|  SGINIIATKNVK---r.
gi|300853244|ref|YP_003778228.1|  TKVDIICTKNVN---k.

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Add alignments from genomes

Select below additional genomes you would like to see alignments for, then click on 'Re-Submit'. The genome assignments will be added to this page.

Select to display   Genome
NoYes   Entamoeba dispar 1.2
NoYes   Entamoeba invadens 1.2
NoYes   Entamoeba histolytica 1
NoYes   Giardia lamblia 2.3
NoYes   Eggerthella sp. YY7918
NoYes   Eggerthella lenta DSM 2243
NoYes   Slackia heliotrinireducens DSM 20476
NoYes   Olsenella uli DSM 7084
NoYes   Coriobacterium glomerans PW2
NoYes   Caldilinea aerophila DSM 14535 = NBRC 104270
NoYes   Anaerococcus prevotii DSM 20548
NoYes   Megasphaera elsdenii DSM 20460
NoYes   Acidaminococcus intestini RyC-MR95
NoYes   Acidaminococcus fermentans DSM 20731
NoYes   Clostridiales genomosp. BVAB3 str. UPII9-5
NoYes   Clostridium clariflavum DSM 19732
NoYes   Faecalibacterium prausnitzii
NoYes   Ruminococcus sp.
NoYes   Ruminococcus albus 7
NoYes   butyrate-producing bacterium SS3/4
NoYes   Acetobacterium woodii DSM 1030
NoYes   Eubacterium limosum KIST612
NoYes   Clostridium sticklandii DSM 519
NoYes   Clostridium saccharolyticum WM1
NoYes   Clostridium phytofermentans ISDg
NoYes   [Ruminococcus] obeum
NoYes   [Ruminococcus] torques
NoYes   Eubacterium rectale M104/1
NoYes   Eubacterium rectale ATCC 33656
NoYes   Roseburia hominis A2-183
NoYes   Roseburia intestinalis
NoYes   Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus B316
NoYes   Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens
NoYes   Alkaliphilus oremlandii OhILAs
NoYes   Alkaliphilus metalliredigens QYMF
NoYes   Clostridium sp. BNL1100
NoYes   Clostridium novyi NT
NoYes   Clostridium ljungdahlii DSM 13528
NoYes   Clostridium kluyveri DSM 555
NoYes   Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 8052
NoYes   Clostridium tetani E88
NoYes   Clostridium perfringens ATCC 13124
NoYes   Clostridium cellulovorans 743B
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum A str. ATCC 3502
NoYes   Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC 824
NoYes   Mahella australiensis 50-1 BON
NoYes   Caldicellulosiruptor obsidiansis OB47
NoYes   Caldicellulosiruptor kronotskyensis 2002
NoYes   Caldicellulosiruptor hydrothermalis 108
NoYes   Caldicellulosiruptor owensensis OL
NoYes   Caldicellulosiruptor lactoaceticus 6A
NoYes   Caldicellulosiruptor kristjanssonii 177R1B
NoYes   Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus DSM 8903
NoYes   Caldicellulosiruptor bescii DSM 6725
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacterium xylanolyticum LX-11
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum DSM 571
NoYes   Coprothermobacter proteolyticus DSM 5265
NoYes   Tepidanaerobacter acetatoxydans Re1
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis MB4
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacter mathranii subsp. mathranii str. A3
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacter pseudethanolicus ATCC 33223
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacter sp. X514
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacter italicus Ab9
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacter wiegelii Rt8.B1
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacter brockii subsp. finnii Ako-1
NoYes   Halothermothrix orenii H 168
NoYes   Halanaerobium hydrogeniformans
NoYes   Halanaerobium praevalens DSM 2228
NoYes   Bacillus selenitireducens MLS10
NoYes   butyrate-producing bacterium SSC/2
NoYes   Fretibacterium fastidiosum
NoYes   Thermanaerovibrio acidaminovorans DSM 6589
NoYes   Anaerobaculum mobile DSM 13181
NoYes   Brachyspira murdochii DSM 12563
NoYes   Brachyspira intermedia PWS/A
NoYes   Brachyspira pilosicoli 95/1000
NoYes   Brachyspira hyodysenteriae WA1
NoYes   Spirochaeta smaragdinae DSM 11293
NoYes   Spirochaeta caldaria DSM 7334
NoYes   Treponema denticola ATCC 35405
NoYes   Spirochaeta africana DSM 8902
NoYes   Marinitoga piezophila KA3
NoYes   Petrotoga mobilis SJ95
NoYes   Mesotoga prima MesG1.Ag.4.2
NoYes   Kosmotoga olearia TBF 19.5.1
NoYes   Fervidobacterium pennivorans DSM 9078
NoYes   Fervidobacterium nodosum Rt17-B1
NoYes   Thermosipho melanesiensis BI429
NoYes   Thermosipho africanus TCF52B
NoYes   Thermotoga lettingae TMO
NoYes   Thermotoga thermarum DSM 5069
NoYes   Thermotoga sp. RQ2
NoYes   Thermotoga naphthophila RKU-10
NoYes   Thermotoga petrophila RKU-1
NoYes   Thermotoga neapolitana DSM 4359
NoYes   Thermotoga maritima MSB8
NoYes   Dictyoglomus turgidum DSM 6724
NoYes   Dictyoglomus thermophilum H-6-12
NoYes   Caldisericum exile AZM16c01
NoYes   Sebaldella termitidis ATCC 33386
NoYes   Ilyobacter polytropus DSM 2926
NoYes   Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. nucleatum ATCC 25586
NoYes   Syntrophus aciditrophicus SB
NoYes   Thermogladius cellulolyticus 1633
NoYes   Staphylothermus hellenicus DSM 12710
NoYes   Staphylothermus marinus F1
NoYes   Desulfurococcus fermentans DSM 16532
NoYes   Desulfurococcus kamchatkensis 1221n
NoYes   Thermofilum sp. 1910b
NoYes   Thermococcus sp. 4557
NoYes   Thermococcus onnurineus NA1
NoYes   Thermococcus kodakarensis KOD1
NoYes   Thermococcus gammatolerans EJ3
NoYes   Thermococcus sibiricus MM 739
NoYes   Thermococcus barophilus MP
NoYes   Pyrococcus sp. ST04
NoYes   Pyrococcus yayanosii CH1
NoYes   Pyrococcus abyssi GE5
NoYes   Pyrococcus furiosus COM1
NoYes   Halorhabdus utahensis DSM 12940
NoYes   Aciduliprofundum sp. MAR08-339
NoYes   Aciduliprofundum boonei T469
NoYes   Arthrospira platensis NIES-39
NoYes   Clostridium saccharolyticum Clostridium cf. saccharolyticum K10
NoYes   Coprococcus catus GD/7
NoYes   Roseburia intestinalis XB6B4
NoYes   Clostridium saccharobutylicum DSM 13864
NoYes   Clostridium autoethanogenum DSM 10061
NoYes   Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum N1-4(HMT)
NoYes   Clostridium kluyveri NBRC 12016
NoYes   Clostridium tetani genome 12124569
NoYes   Clostridium perfringens SM101
NoYes   Clostridium perfringens str. 13
NoYes   Clostridium pasteurianum BC1
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum H04402 065
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum BKT015925
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum F str. 230613
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum F str. Langeland
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum E3 str. Alaska E43
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum B1 str. Okra
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum Ba4 str. 657
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum A2 str. Kyoto
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum A3 str. Loch Maree
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum A str. Hall
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum A str. ATCC 19397
NoYes   Clostridium acetobutylicum DSM 1731
NoYes   Clostridium acetobutylicum EA 2018
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacterium saccharolyticum JW/SL-YS485
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum M0795
NoYes   Thermoanaerobacter sp. X513
NoYes   Halobacteroides halobius DSM 5150
NoYes   Clostridium botulinum B str. Eklund 17B
NoYes   Brachyspira pilosicoli WesB
NoYes   Brachyspira pilosicoli B2904
NoYes   Brachyspira pilosicoli P43/6/78
NoYes   Treponema pedis str. T A4
NoYes   Thermotoga maritima MSB8
NoYes   Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. vincentii 3_1_36A2
NoYes   Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. animalis 4_8
NoYes   Desulfobacula toluolica Tol2
NoYes   Thermococcus sp. AM4
NoYes   Thermococcus sp. CL1
NoYes   Thermococcus litoralis DSM 5473
NoYes   Pyrococcus sp. NA2
NoYes   Pyrococcus furiosus DSM 3638
NoYes   4_050719Q (meta-genome)
NoYes   Fungus garden combined (combined) (meta-genome)
NoYes   Groundwater dechlorinating community (KB-1) from synthetic mineral medium in Toronto, ON, sample from Site contaminated with chlorinated ethenes
NoYes   Guerrero Negro salt ponds hypersaline mat 07(S) (meta-genome)
NoYes   Hindgut microbiome of Nasutitermes sp. (Costa Rica) (meta-genome)
NoYes   Hot spring microbial community from Yellowstone Hot Springs, sample YNP15 from Mushroom Spring (meta-genome)
NoYes   Hot spring microbial community from Yellowstone Hot Springs, sample YNP17 from Obsidian Pool Prime (meta-genome)
NoYes   Hot spring microbial community from Yellowstone Hot Springs, sample YNP18 from Washburn Springs #1 (meta-genome)
NoYes   Human Gut Community Subject 8 (meta-genome)
NoYes   Macropus eugenii forestomach microbiome from Canberra, Australia, sample Macropus_eugenii_combined (meta-genome)
NoYes   Methylotrophic community from Lake Washington sediment combined (v2) (meta-genome)
NoYes   Methylotrophic community from Lake Washington sediment Formaldehyde enrichment (meta-genome)
NoYes   Methylotrophic community from Lake Washington sediment Methanol enrichment (meta-genome)
NoYes   NCBI 2017_08 genome
NoYes   Protozoadb 2010_08 (Protozoadb)
NoYes   simHC - Simulated High Complexity Metagenome (meta-genome)
NoYes   simLC - Simulated Low Complexity Metagenome (meta-genome)
NoYes   Soil microbial communities from sample at FACE Site 1 Maryland Estuary CO2- (Maryland Estuary ambient) (meta-genome)
NoYes   Soil microbial community from bioreactor at Alameda Naval Air Station, CA, contaminated with Chloroethene, Sample 196 (meta-genome)
NoYes   STRING v9.0.5 (STRING)
NoYes   Uniprot 2018_03 genome
NoYes   Wastewater Terephthalate-degrading communities from Bioreactor (meta-genome)
NoYes   Global Ocean Sampling Expedition (GOS)
NoYes   NCBI plasmid sequences (Plasmids)
NoYes   NCBI viral sequences (Viral)
NoYes   PDB chains (SCOP 1.75) (PDB)
NoYes   Protein Data Bank (all PDB sequenc)
NoYes   SCOP2 SCOPe CATH ECOD (all domain sequ)
NoYes   TargetDB (Targets)
NoYes   ALL (only advised for small superfamilies)

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