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Domain combinations for _gap_,57603,_gap_,57603,_gap_ superfamilies in groups of genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

57603 - FnI-like domain
57603 - FnI-like domain

Phylogenetic distribution

Other domain architectures with a similar genomic distribution.
See the phylogenetic distribution for this domain architecture.

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Network of domain occurrence in all genomes

Domain combinations in groups of genomes

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Domain combinations in individual genomes

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Complete genomes
Genome     Number
Homo_sapiens_76_38   (Human)   1
Nomascus_leucogenys_76_1.0   (Northern white-cheeked gibbon)   0
Callithrix_jacchus_76_3.2.1   (White-tufted-ear marmoset)   1
Rattus_norvegicus_76_5.0   (Norway rat)   0
Mus_musculus_76_38   (House mouse)   0
Dipodomys_ordii_76_1   (Ord's kangaroo rat)   0
Ictidomys_tridecemlineatus_76_2   (Thirteen-lined ground squirrel)   1
Tupaia_belangeri_76   (Northern tree shrew)   1
Sus_scrofa_76_10.2   (Pig)   1
Bos_taurus_76_3.1   (Cattle)   0
Myotis_lucifugus_76_2.0   (Little brown bat)   0
Sorex_araneus_76_1   (European shrew)   2
Procavia_capensis_76_1   (Cape rock hyrax)   1
Echinops_telfairi_76   (Small Madagascar hedgehog)   1
Choloepus_hoffmanni_76_1   (Hoffmann's two-fingered sloth)   1
Macropus_eugenii_76_1.0   (Tammar wallaby)   1
Saccoglossus_kowalevskii_v3.0 0
Anolis_carolinensis_76_2.0   (Green anole)   1
Xenopus_tropicalis_76_4.2   (Tropical clawed frog)   1
Latimeria_chalumnae_76_1   (Coelacanth)   0
Ciona_savignyi_76_2.0   (Pacific transparent sea squirt)   2
Ciona_intestinalis_76   (Vase tunicate)   2
Strongylocentrotus_purpuratus_v3.1   (Purple sea urchin)   3
Crassostrea_gigas_22   (Pacific oyster)   0
Danaus_plexippus_OGS1.0   (Monarch butterfly)   0
Heliconius_melpomene_   (Postman butterfly)   0
Bombyx_mori_   (Domestic silkworm)   0
Nasonia_vitripennis_   (Jewel wasp)   0
Apis_mellifera_38.2d_(Not_maintained)   (Honey bee)   0
Harpegnathos_saltator_v3.3   (Jerdon's jumping ant)   0
Linepithema_humile_v1.1   (Argentine ant)   0
Pogonomyrmex_barbatus_v1.2   (Red harvester ant)   0
Solenopsis_invicta_v.2.2.3   (Red fire ant)   0
Acromyrmex_echinatior_v3.8   (Panamanian leafcutter ant)   0
Atta_cephalotes_v1.1 0
Camponotus_floridanus_v3.3   (Florida carpenter ant)   0
Lucilia_cuprina   (Australian sheep blowfly)   0
Drosophila_grimshawi_1.3 0
Drosophila_willistoni_1.3 0
Drosophila_pseudoobscura_2.13 0
Drosophila_persimilis_1.3 0
Drosophila_suzukii 0
Drosophila_yakuba_1.3 0
Drosophila_simulans_1.3 0
Drosophila_sechellia_1.3 0
Drosophila_melanogaster_76_5   (Fruit fly)   0
Drosophila_erecta_1.3 0
Drosophila_ananassae_1.3 0
Drosophila_virilis_1.2 0
Drosophila_mojavensis_1.3 0
Aedes_aegypti_55_(Not_maintained)   (Yellow fever mosquito)   1
Culex_pipiens_quinquefasciatus_   (Southern house mosquito)   0
Anopheles_darlingi_22   (American malaria mosquito)   0
Anopheles_gambiae_49_3j   (African malaria mosquito)   1
Tribolium_castaneum_3.0   (Red flour beetle)   0
Pediculus_humanus_corporis__(Early_assembly)   (Human body louse)   1
Acyrthosiphon_pisum_   (Pea aphid)   1
Daphnia_pulex_   (Common water flea)   1
Strigamia_maritima_22 1
Sarcoptes_scabiei 1
Ixodes_scapularis__(Preliminary)   (Black-legged tick)   0
Acropora_digitifera_v1.0 1

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Genome     Number
Drosophila_melanogaster_FlyBase_5.12_(FlyBase)   (Fruit fly)   0
Anopheles_gambiae_VectorBase_AgamP3.6__(VectorBase)   (African malaria mosquito)   1

Longest transcript per gene
Genome     Number
Nomascus_leucogenys_69_1.0   (Northern white-cheeked gibbon)   0
Mus_musculus_69_38   (House mouse)   0
Dipodomys_ordii_69_1   (Ord's kangaroo rat)   0
Ictidomys_tridecemlineatus_69_2   (Thirteen-lined ground squirrel)   1
Tupaia_belangeri_69   (Northern tree shrew)   1
Sus_scrofa_69_10.2   (Pig)   1
Bos_taurus_69_3.1   (Cattle)   0
Myotis_lucifugus_69_2.0   (Little brown bat)   0
Sorex_araneus_69_1   (European shrew)   2
Procavia_capensis_69_1   (Cape rock hyrax)   1
Echinops_telfairi_69   (Small Madagascar hedgehog)   1
Dasypus_novemcinctus_69_2   (Nine-banded armadillo)   0
Choloepus_hoffmanni_69_1   (Hoffmann's two-fingered sloth)   1
Macropus_eugenii_69_1.0   (Tammar wallaby)   1
Xenopus_tropicalis_69_4.2   (Tropical clawed frog)   1
Latimeria_chalumnae_69_1   (Coelacanth)   0
Ciona_savignyi_69_2.0   (Pacific transparent sea squirt)   1
Ciona_intestinalis_69   (Vase tunicate)   2
Drosophila_melanogaster_69_5   (Fruit fly)   0

Genome     Number
Homo_sapiens_75_37_(old_version_GRC)   (Human)   2
Homo_sapiens__(NCBI_version)   (Human)   1
Mus_musculus_63_37__(longest_transcript_per_gene)_(Duplicate)   (House mouse)   0
STRING_v9.0.5_(STRING) 6
NCBI_2017_08_genome 125
Uniprot_2018_03_genome 1935

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