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Domain combinations for 56968,48431,56968,_gap_,56968,_gap_ superfamilies in all Eukaryotic genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

56968 - Lipovitellin-phosvitin complex; beta-sheet shell regions
48431 - Lipovitellin-phosvitin complex, superhelical domain
56968 - Lipovitellin-phosvitin complex; beta-sheet shell regions
56968 - Lipovitellin-phosvitin complex; beta-sheet shell regions

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54 sequences contain the 56968,48431,56968,_gap_,56968,_gap_ domain architecture in Eukaryotes.

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Lepisosteus oculatus 76: ENSLOCP00000010349

Lepisosteus oculatus 76: ENSLOCP00000012351

Lepisosteus oculatus 76: ENSLOCP00000012416

Anas platyrhynchos 76_1.0: ENSAPLP00000003561

Anas platyrhynchos 76_1.0: ENSAPLP00000016339

Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000017761

Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000017951

Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000017960

Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000017974

Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000018037

Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000018066

Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000018083

Latimeria chalumnae 76_1: ENSLACP00000015287

Latimeria chalumnae 76_1: ENSLACP00000016946

Latimeria chalumnae 76_1: ENSLACP00000017302

Latimeria chalumnae 76_1: ENSLACP00000023442

Meleagris gallopavo 76_2: ENSMGAP00000009450

Meleagris gallopavo 76_2: ENSMGAP00000009469

Meleagris gallopavo 76_2: ENSMGAP00000009685

Meleagris gallopavo 76_2: ENSMGAP00000009689

Meleagris gallopavo 76_2: ENSMGAP00000019091

Oreochromis niloticus 76_1.0: ENSONIP00000009280

Oreochromis niloticus 76_1.0: ENSONIP00000009296

Ficedula albicollis 76_1.0: ENSFALP00000006193

Ficedula albicollis 76_1.0: ENSFALP00000006313

Ficedula albicollis 76_1.0: ENSFALP00000006425

Ficedula albicollis 76_1.0: ENSFALP00000006432

Pelodiscus sinensis 76_1.0: ENSPSIP00000019281

Sarcophilus harrisii 76_7.0: ENSSHAP00000020194

Xiphophorus maculatus 76_4.4.2: ENSXMAP00000018106

Gallus gallus 76_4: ENSGALP00000002888

Gallus gallus 76_4: ENSGALP00000002886

Gallus gallus 76_4: ENSGALP00000032611

Anolis carolinensis 76_2.0: ENSACAP00000005521

Anolis carolinensis 76_2.0: ENSACAP00000019572

Oryzias latipes 76_1: ENSORLP00000007656

Oryzias latipes 76_1: ENSORLP00000007793

Tetraodon nigroviridis 76_8: ENSTNIP00000000093

Tetraodon nigroviridis 76_8: ENSTNIP00000002219

Tetraodon nigroviridis 76_8: ENSTNIP00000003063

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000044801

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000044803

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000044804

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000044805

Xenopus laevis : gi|139636|sp|P18709|

Xenopus laevis : gi|214878|gb|AAA49982|

Xenopus laevis : gi|226529318|ref|NP_001152753|

Xenopus laevis : gi|4388696|gb|CAA68433|

Xenopus laevis : gi|155369239|ref|NP_001094403|

Xenopus laevis : gi|33563034|gb|BAC81696|

Xenopus tropicalis 76_4.2: ENSXETP00000018884

Xenopus tropicalis 76_4.2: ENSXETP00000053773

Taeniopygia guttata 76_3.2.4: ENSTGUP00000006750

Taeniopygia guttata 76_3.2.4: ENSTGUP00000007000