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Domain combinations for _gap_,55781,_gap_,55874 superfamilies in all Eukaryotic genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

55781 - GAF domain-like
55874 - ATPase domain of HSP90 chaperone/DNA topoisomerase II/histidine kinase

Phylogenetic distribution

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24 sequences contain the _gap_,55781,_gap_,55874 domain architecture in Eukaryotes.

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Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM04G02150.1

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM04G02150.2

Phaseolus vulgaris v186: Phvulv091021561m|PACid:23559658

Oryza sativa v193: LOC_Os04g08740.1|PACid:21893114

Oryza sativa v193: LOC_Os04g08740.2|PACid:21893115

Cyanophora paradoxa : ConsensusfromContig6642-snap_masked-ConsensusfromContig6642-abinit-gene-0.1-mRNA-1:cds:63/2101-2170:

Eucalyptus grandis v201: Eucgr.H03145.1|PACid:23592460

Oryza brachyantha 22: OB04G12080.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART04G02420.1

Oryza glaberrima: ORGLA04G0017700.1

Oryza meridionalis 22: OMERI04G02410.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA04G01870.1

Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 : AO090701000517

Fusarium graminearum : FGSG_08031T0

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC04G02420.1

Alternaria brassicicola : AB03721.1

Alternaria brassicicola : AB06688.1

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum : SS1T_10091

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum : SS1T_12461

Medicago truncatula : Medtr1g044210.1

Oryza sativa ssp. japonica 5.0: LOC_Os04g08740.1|13104.m00795|protein

Oryza sativa ssp. japonica 5.0: LOC_Os04g08740.2|13104.m00796|protein

Phaeodactylum tricornutumCCAP 1055/1: jgi|Phatr2|44688|estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_chr_40525

Phytophthora capsici : jgi|PhycaF7|79041|fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_9000404