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Methanospirillum hungatei JF-1 family assignments

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Archaea; Euryarchaeota; Methanomicrobia; Methanomicrobiales; Methanospirillaceae; Methanospirillum; Methanospirillum hungatei; Methanospirillum hungatei JF-1

Fasta format sequences
Domain assignments

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Assignment statistics

Sequences: 3131 total
2090 (67 %) with assignment
324 average length
59 % amino acid coverage
Domains: 3168 total
591 unique superfamilies
298 unique families
285 average length
5.4 average superfamily size
81 % formed by duplication
Domain combinations: 357 domain pairs
959 unique architectures

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Family assignments



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39 39 SCOP 52686 ABC transporter ATPase domain-like
26 26 SCOP 58105 Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein (MCP) signaling domain
15 12 SCOP 81269 Extended AAA-ATPase domain
12 12 SCOP 51751 Tyrosine-dependent oxidoreductases
11 8 SCOP 81268 Tandem AAA-ATPase domain
10 10 SCOP 52744 Subtilases
9 9 SCOP 53707 Formate dehydrogenase/DMSO reductase, domains 1-3
9 9 SCOP 56802 Acetyl-CoA synthetase-like
8 8 SCOP 52375 Class I aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases (RS), catalytic domain
8 8 SCOP 53851 Phosphate binding protein-like
8 8 SCOP 75648 ABC transporter involved in vitamin B12 uptake, BtuC
7 7 SCOP 52318 Class I glutamine amidotransferases (GAT)
7 7 SCOP 53384 AAT-like
7 7 SCOP 53402 Cystathionine synthase-like
7 7 SCOP 53417 GABA-aminotransferase-like
7 7 SCOP 55682 Class II aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase (aaRS)-like, catalytic domain
6 6 SCOP 52652 Nitrogenase iron protein-like
5 5 SCOP 52403 N-type ATP pyrophosphatases
5 5 SCOP 52592 G proteins
5 5 SCOP 53687 Tryptophan synthase beta subunit-like PLP-dependent enzymes
4 4 SCOP 51396 FMN-linked oxidoreductases
4 4 SCOP 51570 Class I aldolase
4 4 SCOP 51868 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase-like, N-terminal domain
4 4 SCOP 52211 Succinyl-CoA synthetase domains
4 4 SCOP 52670 RecA protein-like (ATPase-domain)
4 4 SCOP 52739 Methylesterase CheB, C-terminal domain
4 2 SCOP 53068 Actin/HSP70
4 3 SCOP 56067 BC ATP-binding domain-like
4 2 SCOP 143860 Polyphosphate kinase C-terminal domain
3 3 SCOP 50448 Elongation factors
3 3 SCOP 51605 Enolase
3 3 SCOP 51883 Aminoacid dehydrogenase-like, C-terminal domain
3 2 SCOP 52441 BC N-terminal domain-like
3 3 SCOP 53791 Tetrapyrrole methylase
3 3 SCOP 54827 Enolase N-terminal domain-like
3 3 SCOP 55884 Histidine kinase
3 3 SCOP 56043 PurM C-terminal domain-like
3 3 SCOP 63883 MoeA N-terminal region -like
3 3 SCOP 144028 Nqo4-like
3 3 SCOP 161099 MetI-like
2 2 SCOP 47241 Ferritin
2 1 SCOP 47965 Transcription factor IIB (TFIIB), core domain
2 2 SCOP 48082 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase alpha and beta chain C-terminal domain
2 2 SCOP 48558 L-aspartase/fumarase
2 2 SCOP 48596 Group II chaperonin (CCT, TRIC), ATPase domain
2 2 SCOP 50466 EF-Tu/eEF-1alpha/eIF2-gamma C-terminal domain
2 2 SCOP 51367 Histidine biosynthesis enzymes
2 2 SCOP 51381 Tryptophan biosynthesis enzymes
2 2 SCOP 51691 NadC C-terminal domain-like
2 2 SCOP 51830 Formate/glycerate dehydrogenases, NAD-domain
2 2 SCOP 51900 CoA-binding domain
2 2 SCOP 52017 LeuD-like
2 2 SCOP 52034 Group II chaperonin (CCT, TRIC), apical domain
2 2 SCOP 52419 Nucleoside phosphorylase/phosphoribosyltransferase catalytic domain
2 2 SCOP 52468 Deoxyhypusine synthase, DHS
2 2 SCOP 52491 Tubulin, GTPase domain
2 2 SCOP 52773 Histone deacetylase, HDAC
2 2 SCOP 53057 beta-carbonic anhydrase, cab
2 2 SCOP 53464 glucose-1-phosphate thymidylyltransferase
2 2 SCOP 53620 Thiamin biosynthesis kinases
2 2 SCOP 53660 Dimeric isocitrate & isopropylmalate dehydrogenases
2 2 SCOP 53672 Aspartate/ornithine carbamoyltransferase
2 2 SCOP 53721 ALDH-like
2 2 SCOP 53733 Aconitase iron-sulfur domain
2 2 SCOP 53763 UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 2-epimerase
2 2 SCOP 53785 Phosphofructokinase
2 2 SCOP 54224 DNA gyrase/MutL, second domain
2 2 SCOP 55094 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase alpha and beta chain N-terminal domain
2 1 SCOP 55113 Formylmethanofuran:tetrahydromethanopterin formyltransferase
2 2 SCOP 55308 Tubulin, C-terminal domain
2 2 SCOP 55327 PurM N-terminal domain-like
2 2 SCOP 55348 GAPDH-like
2 2 SCOP 55879 DNA gyrase/MutL, N-terminal domain
2 2 SCOP 55921 Creatinase/aminopeptidase
2 2 SCOP 56200 Methenyltetrahydromethanopterin cyclohydrolase
2 2 SCOP 56236 Class II glutamine amidotransferases
2 2 SCOP 56251 Proteasome subunits
2 2 SCOP 56291 ROO N-terminal domain-like
2 2 SCOP 56328 Lactate & malate dehydrogenases, C-terminal domain
2 2 SCOP 56656 Inositol monophosphatase/fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase-like
2 2 SCOP 64485 RNA-polymerase beta
2 2 SCOP 64490 RNA-polymerase beta-prime
2 2 SCOP 69599 mono-SIS domain
2 1 SCOP 74753 Catalase-peroxidase KatG
2 2 SCOP 81605 PP2C-like
2 2 SCOP 81656 Meta-cation ATPase, catalytic domain P
2 2 SCOP 88724 Pyruvate oxidase and decarboxylase Pyr module
2 2 SCOP 101340 HD domain
2 2 SCOP 102769 ATP-dependent protease Lon (La), catalytic domain
2 2 SCOP 110513 IF2B-like
2 2 SCOP 110734 Glycosyl transferases group 1
2 2 SCOP 111039 YjbQ-like
2 2 SCOP 111353 Ammonium transporter
2 2 SCOP 141703 Atu2648/PH1033-like
2 2 SCOP 142701 RibD C-terminal domain-like
2 2 SCOP 142721 PyrH-like
2 2 SCOP 142755 NadA-like
2 2 SCOP 142789 TM0189-like
2 2 SCOP 143812 GatB/GatE catalytic domain-like
2 2 SCOP 144011 CofE-like
2 2 SCOP 159704 SepSecS-like
1 1 SCOP 46610 Fe,Mn superoxide dismutase (SOD), N-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 47324 Anticodon-binding domain of a subclass of class I aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
1 1 SCOP 47808 5' to 3' exonuclease, C-terminal subdomain
1 1 SCOP 47974 Ribosomal protein S7
1 1 SCOP 48141 Ribosomal protein L19 (L19e)
1 1 SCOP 48184 Acetohydroxy acid isomeroreductase (ketol-acid reductoisomerase, KARI)
1 1 SCOP 48335 DNA repair protein MutS, domain III
1 1 SCOP 48577 Isoprenyl diphosphate synthases
1 1 SCOP 48593 GroEL chaperone, ATPase domain
1 1 SCOP 50114 C-terminal domain of ribosomal protein L2
1 1 SCOP 50194 Ribosomal protein L14
1 1 SCOP 50277 Myf domain
1 1 SCOP 50282 Cold shock DNA-binding domain-like
1 1 SCOP 50461 Ribosomal protein L3
1 1 SCOP 50678 ValRS/IleRS/LeuRS editing domain
1 1 SCOP 50892 Cyclophilin (peptidylprolyl isomerase)
1 1 SCOP 51174 gamma-carbonic anhydrase-like
1 1 SCOP 51183 dTDP-sugar isomerase
1 1 SCOP 51247 BC C-terminal domain-like
1 1 SCOP 51284 dUTPase-like
1 1 SCOP 51352 Triosephosphate isomerase (TIM)
1 1 SCOP 51375 Decarboxylase
1 1 SCOP 51392 Thiamin phosphate synthase
1 1 SCOP 51413 Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMPDH)
1 1 SCOP 51420 Alanine racemase-like, N-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 51431 Aldo-keto reductases (NADP)
1 1 SCOP 51446 Amylase, catalytic domain
1 1 SCOP 51594 5-aminolaevulinate dehydratase, ALAD (porphobilinogen synthase)
1 1 SCOP 51622 Pyruvate kinase
1 1 SCOP 51629 Pyruvate phosphate dikinase, C-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 51650 RuBisCo, large subunit, C-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 51659 Endonuclease IV
1 1 SCOP 51687 F420 dependent oxidoreductases
1 1 SCOP 51714 tRNA-guanine transglycosylase
1 1 SCOP 51718 Dihydropteroate synthetase
1 1 SCOP 51800 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase-like, N-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 51934 Succinate dehydrogenase/fumarate reductase flavoprotein N-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 52022 Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase, small subunit N-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 52030 GroEL-like chaperone, apical domain
1 1 SCOP 52043 Ribosomal protein L32e
1 1 SCOP 52081 Ribosomal proteins L15p and L18e
1 1 SCOP 52157 Initiation factor IF2/eIF5b, domain 3
1 1 SCOP 52162 Ribosomal protein L13
1 1 SCOP 52167 Ribosomal protein L4
1 1 SCOP 52173 CheY-related
1 1 SCOP 52256 N5-CAIR mutase (phosphoribosylaminoimidazole carboxylase, PurE)
1 1 SCOP 52314 Ribosomal protein S2
1 1 SCOP 52397 Adenylyltransferase
1 1 SCOP 52475 Pyruvate oxidase and decarboxylase, middle domain
1 1 SCOP 52508 Homo-oligomeric flavin-containing Cys decarboxylases, HFCD
1 1 SCOP 52541 Nucleotide and nucleoside kinases
1 1 SCOP 52789 Low-molecular-weight phosphotyrosine protein phosphatases
1 1 SCOP 52901 Glutathione peroxidase-like
1 1 SCOP 52955 Anticodon-binding domain of Class II aaRS
1 1 SCOP 52973 ITPase (Ham1)
1 1 SCOP 53045 5' to 3' exonuclease catalytic domain
1 1 SCOP 53099 Ribonuclease H
1 1 SCOP 53138 Ribosomal protein L18 and S11
1 1 SCOP 53168 Purine and uridine phosphorylases
1 1 SCOP 53204 Bacterial dinuclear zinc exopeptidases
1 1 SCOP 53240 Malic enzyme N-domain
1 1 SCOP 53255 Cofactor-dependent phosphoglycerate mutase
1 1 SCOP 53272 Phosphoribosyltransferases (PRTases)
1 1 SCOP 53329 Formyltransferase
1 1 SCOP 53354 Protein-L-isoaspartyl O-methyltransferase
1 1 SCOP 53698 double-SIS domain
1 1 SCOP 53749 Phosphoglycerate kinase
1 1 SCOP 53775 Glutaminase/Asparaginase
1 1 SCOP 53811 TroA-like
1 1 SCOP 54002 Papain-like
1 1 SCOP 54193 L15e
1 1 SCOP 54212 Translational machinery components
1 1 SCOP 54535 FKBP immunophilin/proline isomerase
1 1 SCOP 54687 Ribosomal protein L10e
1 1 SCOP 54720 Fe,Mn superoxide dismutase (SOD), C-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 54844 Ribosomal protein L22
1 1 SCOP 54920 Nucleoside diphosphate kinase, NDK
1 1 SCOP 55041 Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein C, MoaC
1 1 SCOP 55069 Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase
1 1 SCOP 55089 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase gamma chain
1 1 SCOP 55130 Ribosomal protein L30p/L7e
1 1 SCOP 55209 Enolpyruvate transferase, EPT
1 1 SCOP 55262 GAD domain
1 1 SCOP 55272 DNA repair protein MutS, domain I
1 1 SCOP 55283 Ribosomal protein L5
1 1 SCOP 55299 YjgF/L-PSP
1 1 SCOP 55316 L30e/L7ae ribosomal proteins
1 1 SCOP 55482 N-terminal domain of eukaryotic peptide chain release factor subunit 1, ERF1
1 1 SCOP 55502 Neutral endopeptidase (neprilysin)
1 1 SCOP 55707 Biotin holoenzyme synthetase
1 1 SCOP 55817 5'-nucleotidase (syn. UDP-sugar hydrolase), C-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 55822 YrdC-like
1 1 SCOP 55910 Ribosome anti-association factor eIF6 (aIF6)
1 1 SCOP 55932 Glutamine synthetase catalytic domain
1 1 SCOP 56048 Ribosomal protein S8
1 1 SCOP 56054 Ribosomal protein L6
1 1 SCOP 56081 Succinyl-CoA synthetase, beta-chain, N-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 56085 Pyruvate phosphate dikinase, N-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 56105 SAICAR synthase
1 1 SCOP 56220 DNase I-like
1 1 SCOP 56229 Aldehyde ferredoxin oxidoreductase, N-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 56323 ADC synthase
1 1 SCOP 56543 Substrate-binding domain of HMG-CoA reductase
1 1 SCOP 56673 DNA polymerase I
1 1 SCOP 56713 Prokaryotic type I DNA topoisomerase
1 1 SCOP 56720 Type II DNA topoisomerase
1 1 SCOP 56727 DNA topoisomerase IV, alpha subunit
1 1 SCOP 56748 PriA-like
1 1 SCOP 56753 D-aminoacid aminotransferase-like PLP-dependent enzymes
1 1 SCOP 56809 Ribosomal protein L1
1 1 SCOP 56822 Hybrid cluster protein (prismane protein)
1 1 SCOP 56895 Aquaporin-like
1 1 SCOP 57836 Ribosomal protein L44e
1 1 SCOP 63966 Precorrin-8X methylmutase CbiC/CobH
1 1 SCOP 63971 Inosicase
1 1 SCOP 64006 Undecaprenyl diphosphate synthase
1 1 SCOP 64089 BadF/BadG/BcrA/BcrD-like
1 1 SCOP 64168 SurE-like
1 1 SCOP 64183 Manganese-dependent inorganic pyrophosphatase (family II)
1 1 SCOP 64198 AICAR transformylase domain of bifunctional purine biosynthesis enzyme ATIC
1 1 SCOP 64372 3,4-dihydroxy-2-butanone 4-phosphate synthase, DHBP synthase, RibB
1 1 SCOP 64514 Carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
1 1 SCOP 69557 Spermidine synthase
1 1 SCOP 69573 Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein MoeB
1 1 SCOP 69602 L-histidinol dehydrogenase HisD
1 1 SCOP 69746 Pseudouridine synthase II TruB
1 1 SCOP 69865 Argininosuccinate synthetase, C-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 69892 Iron-containing alcohol dehydrogenase
1 1 SCOP 75041 SelR domain
1 1 SCOP 75182 Hypothetical protein MTH777 (MT0777)
1 1 SCOP 75297 N-acetyl-l-glutamate kinase
1 1 SCOP 75305 Amidase signature (AS) enzymes
1 1 SCOP 82258 SAH/MTA deaminase-like
1 1 SCOP 82371 YbeA-like
1 1 SCOP 82852 Acetyl-CoA synthase
1 1 SCOP 88683 Eukaryotic ODC-like
1 1 SCOP 88749 Pyruvate oxidase and decarboxylase PP module
1 1 SCOP 88784 rRNA adenine dimethylase-like
1 1 SCOP 88788 N6 adenine-specific DNA methylase, DAM
1 1 SCOP 88854 Protein kinases, catalytic subunit
1 1 SCOP 89125 Nop domain
1 1 SCOP 89332 DNA replication initiator (cdc21/cdc54) N-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 89494 HMGL-like
1 1 SCOP 89716 XPF/Rad1/Mus81 nuclease
1 1 SCOP 100888 Lesion bypass DNA polymerase (Y-family), catalytic domain
1 1 SCOP 100921 Heat shock protein 70kD (HSP70), peptide-binding domain
1 1 SCOP 101822 Aminopeptidase/glucanase lid domain
1 1 SCOP 101905 GyrA/ParC C-terminal domain-like
1 1 SCOP 101984 Pirin-like
1 1 SCOP 101995 PA3696/SPS0176-like
1 1 SCOP 102325 F420-dependent methylenetetrahydromethanopterin dehydrogenase (MTD)
1 1 SCOP 102463 Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase II
1 1 SCOP 102928 NifU/IscU domain
1 1 SCOP 103264 Chorismate synthase, AroC
1 1 SCOP 103366 Hypothetical protein PH1602
1 1 SCOP 103487 V-type ATP synthase subunit C
1 1 SCOP 103492 Preprotein translocase SecY subunit
1 1 SCOP 109725 Conserved carboxylase domain
1 1 SCOP 110368 NeuB-like
1 1 SCOP 110436 Ornithine cyclodeaminase-like
1 1 SCOP 110616 MTH1675-like
1 1 SCOP 111155 Porphyromonas-type peptidylarginine deiminase
1 1 SCOP 111219 ArgJ-like
1 1 SCOP 111284 Putative modulator of DNA gyrase, PmbA/TldD
1 1 SCOP 111322 AF1104-like
1 1 SCOP 111332 NAD kinase-like
1 1 SCOP 111343 CbiD-like
1 1 SCOP 117458 FumA C-terminal domain-like
1 1 SCOP 117795 Formaldehyde-activating enzyme, FAE
1 1 SCOP 141368 UbiD middle domain-like
1 1 SCOP 141735 HisI-like
1 1 SCOP 141755 PdxS-like
1 1 SCOP 142020 Nqo1 FMN-binding domain-like
1 1 SCOP 142040 AF1403 C-terminal domain-like
1 1 SCOP 142339 CofD-like
1 1 SCOP 142536 AF0625-like
1 1 SCOP 143448 AMMECR1-like
1 1 SCOP 143866 CorA soluble domain-like
1 1 SCOP 143916 RNase Z-like
1 1 SCOP 143927 beta-CASP RNA-metabolising hydrolases
1 1 SCOP 143976 lvD/EDD N-terminal domain-like
1 1 SCOP 158338 Rps19E-like
1 1 SCOP 158706 Achaeal helicase C-terminal domain
1 1 SCOP 159154 CTP-dependent riboflavin kinase-like
1 1 SCOP 159436 HI0933 N-terminal domain-like
1 1 SCOP 159444 SP0239-like
1 1 SCOP 159464 AF0587 domain-like
1 1 SCOP 159518 AF1056-like
1 1 SCOP 159523 AF0751-like
1 1 SCOP 159697 TRM1-like
1 1 SCOP 159720 mannose-1-phosphate guanylyl transferase
1 1 SCOP 159723 MM2497-like
1 1 SCOP 159756 O-acetyltransferase
1 1 SCOP 160105 Acetoacetate decarboxylase-like
1 1 SCOP 160861 Alkylsulfatase-like
1 1 SCOP 160883 CheD-like
1 1 SCOP 160976 AF1531-like

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The following families have one or more weak hits:

SCOP family Ribosomal protein S27a
SCOP family Cation efflux protein transmembrane domain-like
SCOP family HI0933 insert domain-like
SCOP family VPA0735-like
SCOP family CorC/HlyC domain-like
SCOP family Alkylsulfatase C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family DVU1097-like
SCOP family V-type ATPase subunit E
SCOP family AF1396-like
SCOP family Ribosomal protein L10-like
SCOP family Rpp14/Pop5-like
SCOP family Cation efflux protein cytoplasmic domain-like
SCOP family TTHA0281-like
SCOP family MM3350-like
SCOP family FdhD/NarQ
SCOP family Phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family 2,6-dihydropseudooxynicotine hydrolase-like
SCOP family Dhaf3308-like
SCOP family CbiG N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family CobE/GbiG C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family AtpF-like
SCOP family AF2212-like
SCOP family PglD-like
SCOP family MTH863-like
SCOP family AlaX-M N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family HupF/HypC-like
SCOP family RNB domain-like
SCOP family Dom34/Pelota N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family Trm112p-like
SCOP family HAMP domain
SCOP family Ta0600-like
SCOP family AF1782-like
SCOP family Nucleolar RNA-binding protein Nop10-like
SCOP family Magnesium transport protein CorA, transmembrane region
SCOP family Nq06-like
SCOP family UbiD C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family PF0523-like
SCOP family PPK middle domain-like
SCOP family YojJ-like
SCOP family BLES03-like
SCOP family MK0786-like
SCOP family FwdE-like
SCOP family SerA intervening domain-like
SCOP family THUMP domain
SCOP family TTP0101/SSO1404-like
SCOP family BT0572-like
SCOP family Aspartokinase allosteric domain-like
SCOP family SP0238-like
SCOP family IlvH-like
SCOP family Nqo5-like
SCOP family YefM-like
SCOP family AF0104-like
SCOP family BB1717-like
SCOP family RelE-like
SCOP family Nqo1 middle domain-like
SCOP family Met-10+ protein-like
SCOP family N-6 DNA Methylase-like
SCOP family Brix domain
SCOP family NQO2-like
SCOP family ACDE2-like
SCOP family ThiI-like
SCOP family AF0055-like
SCOP family IlvD/EDD C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family Thi4-like
SCOP family Usher N-domain
SCOP family LON domain-like
SCOP family Pentapeptide repeats
SCOP family Hcp1-like
SCOP family NfeD domain-like
SCOP family GatD N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family ICP-like
SCOP family Glu-tRNAGln amidotransferase C subunit
SCOP family Fic-like
SCOP family PriB N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family HisE-like (PRA-PH)
SCOP family TyrA dimerization domain-like
SCOP family Ppx associated domain
SCOP family Nqo1C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family LemA-like
SCOP family Vng1086c-like
SCOP family PPK N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family HxlR-like
SCOP family PF1790-like
SCOP family Rabenosyn-5 Rab-binding domain-like
SCOP family AN1-like Zinc finger
SCOP family YaeB-like
SCOP family DNA mismatch repair protein MutL
SCOP family CYTH domain
SCOP family CRISPR-associated protein
SCOP family PaaD-like
SCOP family YcfA-like
SCOP family Band 7/SPFH domain
SCOP family Alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase-like
SCOP family Ribosomal protein S24e
SCOP family CAC2371-like
SCOP family ATP-dependent DNA ligase DNA-binding domain
SCOP family XseB-like
SCOP family Rps17e-like
SCOP family PadR-like
SCOP family eIF2alpha middle domain-like
SCOP family TrkA C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family RpoE2-like
SCOP family Bacterial S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase
SCOP family RIO1-like kinases
SCOP family eIF-2-alpha, C-terminal domain
SCOP family Hypothetical protein AF0491, C-terminal domain
SCOP family 2-isopropylmalate synthase LeuA, allosteric (dimerisation) domain
SCOP family Hypothetical protein AF0491, N-terminal domain
SCOP family CbiX-like
SCOP family UbiE/COQ5-like
SCOP family ROK
SCOP family Ppx/GppA phosphatase
SCOP family Methenyltetrahydrofolate synthetase
SCOP family RNase P subunit p30
SCOP family MoCo biosynthesis proteins
SCOP family Cobalamin-independent methionine synthase
SCOP family Serine acetyltransferase
SCOP family PhoU-like
SCOP family Hypothetical protein AF0491, middle domain
SCOP family Multidrug resistance efflux transporter EmrE
SCOP family Preprotein translocase SecE subunit
SCOP family Hypothetical protein TM0207
SCOP family Bifunctional DNA primase/polymerase N-terminal domain
SCOP family Lysine biosynthesis enzyme LysX ATP-binding domain
SCOP family NADH pyrophosphatase
SCOP family Hypoxia-inducible factor Hif2a, C-terminal domain
SCOP family CheC-like
SCOP family tRNA pseudouridine synthase TruD
SCOP family Nickel responsive regulator NikR, C-terminal domain
SCOP family Archaeal tRNA CCA-adding enzyme
SCOP family Archaeal tRNA CCA-adding enzyme catalytic domain
SCOP family Catalytic subunit of bi-partite nucleotidyltransferase
SCOP family Hypothetical protein Ta1206
SCOP family Imidazole glycerol phosphate dehydratase
SCOP family JAB1/MPN domain
SCOP family NIF3 (NGG1p interacting factor 3)-like
SCOP family CoaB-like
SCOP family MoCo carrier protein-like
SCOP family NagD-like
SCOP family Adhesin YadA, collagen-binding domain
SCOP family Stabilizer of iron transporter SufD
SCOP family NHL repeat
SCOP family MTH1895
SCOP family TRAM domain
SCOP family RNase P subunit p29-like
SCOP family ADP-ribosylglycohydrolase
SCOP family PBS lyase HEAT-like repeat
SCOP family Putative anticodon-binding domain of alanyl-tRNA synthetase (AlaRS)
SCOP family Archaeal tRNA CCA-adding enzyme substrate-binding domain
SCOP family RecQ helicase DNA-binding domain-like
SCOP family Transcription factor E/IIe-alpha, N-terminal domain
SCOP family CopG-like
SCOP family Translation initiation factor 2 beta, aIF2beta, N-terminal domain
SCOP family Isochorismatase-like hydrolases
SCOP family Heat shock protein 70kD (HSP70), C-terminal subdomain
SCOP family Lesion bypass DNA polymerase (Y-family), little finger domain
SCOP family Myosin rod fragments
SCOP family Ribosomal protein S27e
SCOP family ABC transporter transmembrane region
SCOP family Arginine decarboxylase
SCOP family 2'-5' RNA ligase LigT
SCOP family DUF190/COG1993
SCOP family DNA-binding protein Tfx
SCOP family PaaI/YdiI-like
SCOP family Deoxycytidylate deaminase-like
SCOP family Ta1320-like
SCOP family PIN domain
SCOP family RraA-like
SCOP family PHP domain
SCOP family TM1287-like
SCOP family Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase, GPI
SCOP family Collagen-binding domain
SCOP family HEPN domain
SCOP family ATP phosphoribosyltransferase (ATP-PRTase, HisG), regulatory C-terminal domain
SCOP family Archaeosine tRNA-guanine transglycosylase, C2 domain
SCOP family N-terminal, heterodimerisation domain of RBP7 (RpoE)
SCOP family PFOR PP module
SCOP family PFOR Pyr module
SCOP family PUA domain
SCOP family Multidrug efflux transporter AcrB transmembrane domain
SCOP family Phosphoesterase-related
SCOP family GIY-YIG endonuclease
SCOP family FemXAB nonribosomal peptidyltransferases
SCOP family DNA-binding protein AlbA
SCOP family Mechanosensitive channel protein MscS (YggB), C-terminal domain
SCOP family G domain-linked domain
SCOP family DPP6 catalytic domain-like
SCOP family Precorrin-6Y methyltransferase (CbiT)
SCOP family Predicted hydrolases Cof
SCOP family Shikimate dehydrogenase-like
SCOP family DPP6 N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family Mechanosensitive channel protein MscS (YggB), middle domain
SCOP family Kid/PemK
SCOP family Double Clp-N motif
SCOP family Family 1 bi-partite nucleotidyltransferase subunit
SCOP family Topoisomerase VI-B subunit middle domain
SCOP family Calcium ATPase, transmembrane domain M
SCOP family Metal cation-transporting ATPase, ATP-binding domain N
SCOP family Calcium ATPase, transduction domain A
SCOP family F1F0 ATP synthase subunit B, membrane domain
SCOP family F1F0 ATP synthase subunit C
SCOP family Gated mechanosensitive channel
SCOP family Voltage-gated potassium channels
SCOP family E-set domains of sugar-utilizing enzymes
SCOP family Zinc-binding domain of translation initiation factor 2 beta
SCOP family Siroheme synthase middle domains-like
SCOP family Smc hinge domain
SCOP family YhbY-like
SCOP family Gyrase inhibitory protein GyrI (SbmC, YeeB)
SCOP family Mevalonate kinase
SCOP family D-ribose-5-phosphate isomerase (RpiA), lid domain
SCOP family Divalent ion tolerance proteins CutA (CutA1)
SCOP family YjeF C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family D-ribose-5-phosphate isomerase (RpiA), catalytic domain
SCOP family Hydantoinase (dihydropyrimidinase), catalytic domain
SCOP family CoA transferase alpha subunit-like
SCOP family MTH1598-like
SCOP family YggU-like
SCOP family Glutamyl tRNA-reductase catalytic, N-terminal domain
SCOP family Lrp/AsnC-like transcriptional regulator C-terminal domain
SCOP family SRP19
SCOP family HemD-like
SCOP family Pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylase
SCOP family Alpha subunit of glutamate synthase, C-terminal domain
SCOP family Glutamyl tRNA-reductase dimerization domain
SCOP family RNase III catalytic domain-like
SCOP family RNA polymerase II subunit RBP4 (RpoF)
SCOP family Hypothetical protein MTH865
SCOP family Lrp/AsnC-like transcriptional regulator N-terminal domain
SCOP family Cytidylytransferase
SCOP family C-terminal domain of ProRS
SCOP family DNA double-strand break repair nuclease
SCOP family Holo-(acyl carrier protein) synthase ACPS
SCOP family 2,3-Bisphosphoglycerate-independent phosphoglycerate mutase, catalytic domain
SCOP family YjeF N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family tRNA(1-methyladenosine) methyltransferase-like
SCOP family Plant O-methyltransferase, C-terminal domain
SCOP family MoeA central domain-like
SCOP family Thiamin pyrophosphokinase, catalytic domain
SCOP family Potassium channel NAD-binding domain
SCOP family MoeA C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family Prokaryotic PEBP-like proteins
SCOP family Chemotaxis protein CheA P1 domain
SCOP family Type I dockerin domain
SCOP family Ferredoxin reductase FAD-binding domain-like
SCOP family MarR-like transcriptional regulators
SCOP family Influenza hemagglutinin (stalk)
SCOP family Coiled-coil domain of nucleotide exchange factor GrpE
SCOP family Tropomyosin
SCOP family DnaJ/Hsp40 cysteine-rich domain
SCOP family Ribosomal protein L37e
SCOP family Ribosomal protein L37ae
SCOP family Aspartate carbamoyltransferase, Regulatory-chain, C-terminal domain
SCOP family Desulforedoxin
SCOP family Rubredoxin
SCOP family Transcriptional factor domain
SCOP family Methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS), Zn-domain
SCOP family Ribosomal protein L24e
SCOP family Ferredoxin thioredoxin reductase (FTR), catalytic beta chain
SCOP family Growth factor receptor domain
SCOP family Nickel-iron hydrogenase, large subunit
SCOP family DNA primase DnaG catalytic core
SCOP family beta-Lactamase/D-ala carboxypeptidase
SCOP family Insert subdomain of RNA polymerase alpha subunit
SCOP family Succinate dehydrogenase/fumarate reductase flavoprotein, catalytic domain
SCOP family ADP-ribosylating toxins
SCOP family Lambda integrase-like, catalytic core
SCOP family 5'-nucleotidase (syn. UDP-sugar hydrolase), N-terminal domain
SCOP family Glyoxalase II (hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase)
SCOP family Zn metallo-beta-lactamase
SCOP family ATP-dependent DNA ligase catalytic domain
SCOP family Nitrite and sulphite reductase 4Fe-4S domain-like
SCOP family DNA polymerase processivity factor
SCOP family Phosphoglucomutase, C-terminal domain
SCOP family DNA repair glycosylase, N-terminal domain
SCOP family TATA-box binding protein (TBP), C-terminal domain
SCOP family Thymidylate synthase/dCMP hydroxymethylase
SCOP family MutT-like
SCOP family PR-1-like
SCOP family GAF domain
SCOP family N-acetyl transferase, NAT
SCOP family 6-pyruvoyl tetrahydropterin synthase
SCOP family Neurolysin-like
SCOP family NADH oxidase/flavin reductase
SCOP family Dihydrodipicolinate reductase-like
SCOP family Homoserine dehydrogenase-like
SCOP family ERF1/Dom34 C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family RPB6
SCOP family RPB5
SCOP family tRNA-intron endonuclease N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family RNA polymerase alpha subunit dimerisation domain
SCOP family Arginyl-tRNA synthetase (ArgRS), N-terminal 'additional' domain
SCOP family Ribosomal protein S4
SCOP family eIF1-like
SCOP family Pseudouridine synthase I TruA
SCOP family CheY-binding domain of CheA
SCOP family NAD-binding domain of HMG-CoA reductase
SCOP family Bacterial exopeptidase dimerisation domain
SCOP family Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase, regulatory (C-terminal) domain
SCOP family HMA, heavy metal-associated domain
SCOP family Ribosomal protein S10
SCOP family eEF-1beta-like
SCOP family EF-G/eEF-2 domains III and V
SCOP family Acylphosphatase-like
SCOP family Ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase
SCOP family Canonical RBD
SCOP family Prokaryotic signal transducing protein
SCOP family Aspartate carbamoyltransferase, Regulatory-chain, N-terminal domain
SCOP family Ferredoxin domains from multidomain proteins
SCOP family Group II chaperonin (CCT, TRIC), intermediate domain
SCOP family GroEL-like chaperone, intermediate domain
SCOP family Ribosomal protein S3 C-terminal domain
SCOP family Prokaryotic type KH domain (KH-domain type II)
SCOP family GMP synthetase C-terminal dimerisation domain
SCOP family Eukaryotic type KH-domain (KH-domain type I)
SCOP family Porphobilinogen deaminase (hydroxymethylbilane synthase), C-terminal domain
SCOP family Ribosomal S5 protein, N-terminal domain
SCOP family Ribosomal L11/L12e N-terminal domain
SCOP family Molybdopterin synthase subunit MoaE
SCOP family Pyrimidine nucleoside phosphorylase C-terminal domain
SCOP family NadC N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family CBS-domain pair
SCOP family Cdc48 domain 2-like
SCOP family Ribosomal protein L31e
SCOP family Ribosomal protein S19
SCOP family Diaminopimelate epimerase
SCOP family Glutamine synthetase, N-terminal domain
SCOP family 2Fe-2S ferredoxin domains from multidomain proteins
SCOP family MoaD
SCOP family GHMP Kinase, N-terminal domain
SCOP family L23p
SCOP family Chalcone synthase-like
SCOP family Thiolase-related
SCOP family L-arabinose binding protein-like
SCOP family Nitrogenase iron-molybdenum protein
SCOP family Cobalt chelatase CbiK
SCOP family Oligosaccharide phosphorylase
SCOP family Phosphoglucomutase, first 3 domains
SCOP family AraD-like aldolase/epimerase
SCOP family Ribokinase-like
SCOP family Spore coat polysaccharide biosynthesis protein SpsA
SCOP family Type II DNA methylase
SCOP family Chemotaxis receptor methyltransferase CheR, C-terminal domain
SCOP family Fibrillarin homologue
SCOP family RNA methyltransferase FtsJ
SCOP family Pyruvate-ferredoxin oxidoreductase, PFOR, domain III
SCOP family Integrin A (or I) domain
SCOP family Phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase-like
SCOP family Tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase/cyclohydrolase
SCOP family MogA-like
SCOP family Hydrogenase maturating endopeptidase HybD
SCOP family DNA repair protein MutS, domain II
SCOP family MTH1175-like
SCOP family ERF1/Dom34 middle domain-like
SCOP family RuvC resolvase
SCOP family DnaQ-like 3'-5' exonuclease
SCOP family Creatinase/prolidase N-terminal domain
SCOP family tRNA-intron endonuclease catalytic domain-like
SCOP family Pyruvate kinase, C-terminal domain
SCOP family Pyruvate-ferredoxin oxidoreductase, PFOR, domain II
SCOP family Thioltransferase
SCOP family Nicotinate mononucleotide:5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole phosphoribosyltransferase (CobT)
SCOP family Phosphoribulokinase/pantothenate kinase
SCOP family Shikimate kinase (AroK)
SCOP family Universal stress protein-like
SCOP family Cryptochrome/photolyase, N-terminal domain
SCOP family UDP-glucose/GDP-mannose dehydrogenase C-terminal domain
SCOP family PAPS reductase-like
SCOP family Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase B, PyrK subunit
SCOP family Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase, large subunit allosteric, C-terminal domain
SCOP family DJ-1/PfpI
SCOP family N-deoxyribosyltransferase
SCOP family S-adenosylhomocystein hydrolase
SCOP family Formate/glycerate dehydrogenases, substrate-binding domain
SCOP family Cobalamin (vitamin B12)-binding domain
SCOP family Quinone reductase
SCOP family Flavodoxin-related
SCOP family Mug-like
SCOP family Lumazine synthase
SCOP family Anti-sigma factor antagonist SpoIIaa
SCOP family Pyruvate phosphate dikinase, central domain
SCOP family Class III anaerobic ribonucleotide reductase NRDD subunit
SCOP family N-terminal domain of adrenodoxin reductase-like
SCOP family FAD/NAD-linked reductases, N-terminal and central domains
SCOP family LDH N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family Adenosine/AMP deaminase
SCOP family beta-glycanases
SCOP family AFP III-like domain
SCOP family Biotinyl/lipoyl-carrier proteins and domains
SCOP family GlmU C-terminal domain-like
SCOP family Head domain of nucleotide exchange factor GrpE
SCOP family Pyruvate kinase beta-barrel domain
SCOP family Gln-tRNA synthetase (GlnRS), C-terminal (anticodon-binding) domain
SCOP family Cdc48 N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family Formate dehydrogenase/DMSO reductase, C-terminal domain
SCOP family N-terminal domain of alpha and beta subunits of F1 ATP synthase
SCOP family Eukaryotic proteases
SCOP family Post formyltransferase domain
SCOP family NADH:FMN oxidoreductase-like
SCOP family PNP-oxidase like
SCOP family CheW-like
SCOP family ABC-transporter additional domain
SCOP family DNA ligase/mRNA capping enzyme postcatalytic domain
SCOP family Single strand DNA-binding domain, SSB
SCOP family DNA helicase RuvA subunit, N-terminal domain
SCOP family Anticodon-binding domain
SCOP family Sm motif of small nuclear ribonucleoproteins, SNRNP
SCOP family GroES
SCOP family eIF5a N-terminal domain-like
SCOP family Ribosomal proteins L24p and L21e
SCOP family FeoA-like
SCOP family Biotin repressor (BirA)
SCOP family FHA domain
SCOP family HSP20
SCOP family HSP40/DnaJ peptide-binding domain
SCOP family Cna protein B-type domain
SCOP family Invasin/intimin cell-adhesion fragments
SCOP family Superoxide reductase-like
SCOP family PKD domain
SCOP family Ribosomal protein L39e
SCOP family Tetracyclin repressor-like, C-terminal domain
SCOP family Tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)
SCOP family Protein prenylyltransferase
SCOP family Aldehyde ferredoxin oxidoreductase, C-terminal domains
SCOP family UDP-glucose/GDP-mannose dehydrogenase dimerisation domain
SCOP family Cryptochrome/photolyase FAD-binding domain
SCOP family DNA repair glycosylase, 2 C-terminal domains
SCOP family Mismatch glycosylase
SCOP family Endonuclease III
SCOP family Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase, large subunit connection domain
SCOP family DNA polymerase III clamp loader subunits, C-terminal domain
SCOP family Iron-dependent repressor protein, dimerization domain
SCOP family C-terminal domain of alpha and beta subunits of F1 ATP synthase
SCOP family HRDC domain from helicases
SCOP family DNA repair protein Rad51, N-terminal domain
SCOP family DNA helicase RuvA subunit, middle domain
SCOP family Chemotaxis receptor methyltransferase CheR, N-terminal domain
SCOP family Nucleoside phosphorylase/phosphoribosyltransferase N-terminal domain
SCOP family Signal peptide-binding domain
SCOP family SinR domain-like
SCOP family Homodimeric domain of signal transducing histidine kinase
SCOP family Domain of the SRP/SRP receptor G-proteins
SCOP family Hemerythrin-like
SCOP family Archaeal histone
SCOP family Ribosomal protein S15
SCOP family Succinate dehydrogenase/fumarate reductase flavoprotein C-terminal domain
SCOP family DNA-binding N-terminal domain of transcription activators
SCOP family Domains B1 and B5 of PheRS-beta, PheT
SCOP family Double-stranded DNA-binding domain
SCOP family Ribosomal protein S13
SCOP family DNA helicase RuvA subunit, C-terminal domain
SCOP family RNA polymerase subunit RPB10
SCOP family Ribosomal protein L11, C-terminal domain
SCOP family Iron-dependent repressor protein
SCOP family Helicase DNA-binding domain
SCOP family ArsR-like transcriptional regulators
SCOP family Methylated DNA-protein cysteine methyltransferase, C-terminal domain
SCOP family Tetracyclin repressor-like, N-terminal domain
SCOP family C-terminal UvrC-binding domain of UvrB
SCOP family Seryl-tRNA synthetase (SerRS)
SCOP family Prefoldin
SCOP family Chaperone J-domain
SCOP family Ribosomal protein L29 (L29p)
SCOP family Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase, N-terminal domain
SCOP family Fumarate reductase/Succinate dehydogenase iron-sulfur protein, C-terminal domain

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