The group has participated in the international FANTOM consortium from FANTOM2 up to the current FANTOM5. FANTOM has developed and expanded over time from mouse cDNA annotation to encompass transcriptome analysis progressing from an understanding of the 'elements' - the transcripts - to an understanding of the 'system' - the transcriptional regulatory network.

We are a founding member of UK-based Genome3D consortium, which is a collaborative project that combines content from a number of independent resources including Structural Annotations, Structural Models and Consensus Superfamilies from e.g. Gene3D, SUPERFAMILY, DomSurf, FUGUE and PHYRE.

We are a member of the international InterPro consortium for protein signature databases providing functional analysis of proteins. The InterPro consortium includes SCOP/CATH, Pfam SUPERFAMILY, PANTHER, SMART, TIGRFAMs, PIRSF, PRINTS, PROSITE and ProDom.