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Domain combinations for 49785,_gap_,117281,_gap_ superfamilies in groups of genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

49785 - Galactose-binding domain-like
117281 - Kelch motif

Phylogenetic distribution

Other domain architectures with a similar genomic distribution.
See the phylogenetic distribution for this domain architecture.

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Network of domain occurrence in all genomes

Domain combinations in groups of genomes

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Groups of genomes may be slower than individual genomes.

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Domain combinations in individual genomes

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Complete genomes
Genome     Number
Papio_anubis_76   (Olive baboon)   1
Canis_familiaris_76_3.1   (Dog)   1
Pteropus_vampyrus_76_1   (Large flying fox)   1
Sorex_araneus_76_1   (European shrew)   1
Dasypus_novemcinctus_76_2   (Nine-banded armadillo)   1
Choloepus_hoffmanni_76_1   (Hoffmann's two-fingered sloth)   1
Petromyzon_marinus_76_7.0   (Sea lamprey)   1
Anas_platyrhynchos_76_1.0   (Mallard)   1
Ficedula_albicollis_76_1.0   (Collared flycatcher)   1
Pelodiscus_sinensis_76_1.0   (Chinese soft-shelled turtle)   1
Anolis_carolinensis_76_2.0   (Green anole)   2
Xenopus_tropicalis_76_4.2   (Tropical clawed frog)   1
Lepisosteus_oculatus_76   (Spotted gar)   1
Gadus_morhua_76_1   (Atlantic cod)   1
Tetraodon_nigroviridis_76_8   (Spotted green pufferfish)   1
Takifugu_rubripes_76_4   (Torafugu)   1
Gasterosteus_aculeatus_76_1   (Three-spined stickleback)   1
Xiphophorus_maculatus_76_4.4.2   (Southern platyfish)   1
Poecilia_formosa_76   (Amazon molly)   1
Oreochromis_niloticus_76_1.0   (Nile tilapia)   1
Astyanax_mexicanus_76   (Mexican tetra)   1
Danio_rerio_76_9   (Zebrafish)   1
Ciona_savignyi_76_2.0   (Pacific transparent sea squirt)   3
Strongylocentrotus_purpuratus_v3.1   (Purple sea urchin)   1
Octopus_bimaculoides_280 1
Lottia_gigantea_   (Owl limpet)   1
Capitella_sp._I_ 1
Heliconius_melpomene_   (Postman butterfly)   0
Nasonia_vitripennis_   (Jewel wasp)   1
Linepithema_humile_v1.1   (Argentine ant)   1
Pogonomyrmex_barbatus_v1.2   (Red harvester ant)   1
Solenopsis_invicta_v.2.2.3   (Red fire ant)   1
Camponotus_floridanus_v3.3   (Florida carpenter ant)   1
Drosophila_pseudoobscura_2.13 1
Drosophila_persimilis_1.3 1
Drosophila_suzukii 1
Drosophila_yakuba_1.3 1
Drosophila_simulans_1.3 1
Drosophila_sechellia_1.3 1
Drosophila_melanogaster_76_5   (Fruit fly)   2
Drosophila_erecta_1.3 1
Drosophila_ananassae_1.3 1
Drosophila_virilis_1.2 1
Aedes_aegypti_55_(Not_maintained)   (Yellow fever mosquito)   1
Culex_pipiens_quinquefasciatus_   (Southern house mosquito)   1
Anopheles_darlingi_22   (American malaria mosquito)   1
Anopheles_gambiae_49_3j   (African malaria mosquito)   1
Pediculus_humanus_corporis__(Early_assembly)   (Human body louse)   1
Acyrthosiphon_pisum_   (Pea aphid)   1
Rhodnius_prolixus_22 1
Hydra_vulgaris 1
Amphimedon_queenslandica 1
Capsaspora_owczarzaki_ATCC_30864_ 0
Mortierella_verticillata_NRRL_6337_ 0
Phycomyces_blakesleeanus_ 0
Rhizomucor_miehei_CAU432_ 0
Laccaria_bicolor_S238N-H82_ 1
Tulasnella_calospora_AL13/4D_v1.0 1
Schizosaccharomyces_pombe   (Fission yeast)   1
Cyclobacterium_marinum_DSM_745 0
Maribacter_sp._HTCC2170 0

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Genome     Number
Xenopus_(Silurana)_tropicalis_v7.1_(annotation_v7.2)   (Tropical clawed frog)   1
Drosophila_melanogaster_FlyBase_5.12_(FlyBase)   (Fruit fly)   2
Anopheles_gambiae_VectorBase_AgamP3.6__(VectorBase)   (African malaria mosquito)   1
Schizosaccharomyces_pombe_972h-_ 1
Batrachochytrium_dendrobatidis_JAM81_ 1

Longest transcript per gene
Genome     Number
Canis_familiaris_69_3.1   (Dog)   1
Pteropus_vampyrus_69_1   (Large flying fox)   1
Sorex_araneus_69_1   (European shrew)   1
Choloepus_hoffmanni_69_1   (Hoffmann's two-fingered sloth)   1
Petromyzon_marinus_69_7.0   (Sea lamprey)   1
Pelodiscus_sinensis_69_1.0   (Chinese soft-shelled turtle)   1
Anolis_carolinensis_69_2.0   (Green anole)   1
Xenopus_tropicalis_69_4.2   (Tropical clawed frog)   1
Gadus_morhua_69_1   (Atlantic cod)   1
Tetraodon_nigroviridis_69_8   (Spotted green pufferfish)   1
Takifugu_rubripes_69_4   (Torafugu)   1
Gasterosteus_aculeatus_69_1   (Three-spined stickleback)   1
Xiphophorus_maculatus_69_4.4.2   (Southern platyfish)   1
Oreochromis_niloticus_69_1.0   (Nile tilapia)   1
Danio_rerio_69_9   (Zebrafish)   1
Ciona_savignyi_69_2.0   (Pacific transparent sea squirt)   1
Drosophila_melanogaster_69_5   (Fruit fly)   1

Genome     Number
Homo_sapiens__(NCBI_version)   (Human)   1
STRING_v9.0.5_(STRING) 25
Uniprot_2018_03_genome 1593
NCBI_2017_08_genome 212

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