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Domain combinations for 109640,_gap_,53098 superfamilies in all genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

109640 - KRAB domain (Kruppel-associated box)
53098 - Ribonuclease H-like

Phylogenetic distribution

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12 sequences contain the 109640,_gap_,53098 domain architecture in all genomes.

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Anolis carolinensis 76_2.0: ENSACAP00000023231

Choloepus hoffmanni 76_1: ENSCHOP00000004153

Dasypus novemcinctus 76_2: ENSDNOP00000001918

Equus caballus 76_2: ENSECAP00000013297

Ailuropoda melanoleuca 76_1: ENSAMEP00000002580

Callithrix jacchus 76_3.2.1: ENSCJAP00000026457

Callithrix jacchus 76_3.2.1: ENSCJAP00000047166

Macaca mulatta 76_1: ENSMMUP00000011467

Nomascus leucogenys 76_1.0: ENSNLEP00000012159

Pongo abelii 76_2: ENSPPYP00000008950

Gorilla gorilla 76_3.1: ENSGGOP00000022386

Homo sapiens 76_38: ENSP00000328017