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Domain combinations for 57184,57196,_gap_ superfamilies in all genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

57184 - Growth factor receptor domain
57196 - EGF/Laminin

Phylogenetic distribution

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35 sequences contain the 57184,57196,_gap_ domain architecture in all genomes.

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Sphaeroforma arctica JP610 : SARC_01637T0

Hydra vulgaris: gi|221101319|ref|XP_002158292.1|

Hydra vulgaris: gi|449686584|ref|XP_002169192.2|

Acropora digitifera v1.0: adi_v1.02443

Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus : CPIJ002151|conserved

Helobdella robusta : jgi|Helro1|181899

Octopus bimaculoides 280: Ocbimv22010172m.p

Octopus bimaculoides 280: Ocbimv22010173m.p

Adineta vaga: GSADVT00022458001

Adineta vaga: GSADVT00030951001

Ciona intestinalis 76: ENSCINP00000016440

Oikopleura dioica: GSOIDT00015494001

Danio rerio 76_9: ENSDARP00000101038

Danio rerio 76_9: ENSDARP00000113692

Xiphophorus maculatus 76_4.4.2: ENSXMAP00000016817

Xiphophorus maculatus 76_4.4.2: ENSXMAP00000017943

Lepisosteus oculatus 76: ENSLOCP00000018917

Taeniopygia guttata 76_3.2.4: ENSTGUP00000016677

Taeniopygia guttata 76_3.2.4: ENSTGUP00000016679

Meleagris gallopavo 76_2: ENSMGAP00000001458

Saccoglossus kowalevskii v3.0: Sakowv30045499m

Echinops telfairi 76: ENSETEP00000011120

Loxodonta africana 76_3: ENSLAFP00000008802

Myotis lucifugus 76_2.0: ENSMLUP00000001646

Equus caballus 76_2: ENSECAP00000015799

Tursiops truncatus 76_1: ENSTTRP00000007524

Sus scrofa 76_10.2: ENSSSCP00000029826

Ochotona princeps 76: ENSOPRP00000000498

Mus musculus 76_38: ENSMUSP00000127312

Otolemur garnettii 76_3: ENSOGAP00000009699

Callithrix jacchus 76_3.2.1: ENSCJAP00000033219

Callithrix jacchus 76_3.2.1: ENSCJAP00000020196

Callithrix jacchus 76_3.2.1: ENSCJAP00000048038

Pongo abelii 76_2: ENSPPYP00000022178

Homo sapiens 76_38: ENSP00000388025