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Domain combinations for _gap_,56112,_gap_,51110,_gap_,56112 superfamilies in all genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

56112 - Protein kinase-like (PK-like)
51110 - alpha-D-mannose-specific plant lectins
56112 - Protein kinase-like (PK-like)

Phylogenetic distribution

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111 sequences contain the _gap_,56112,_gap_,51110,_gap_,56112 domain architecture in all genomes.

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Musa acuminata 22: GSMUA_Achr4P33640_001

Musa acuminata 22: GSMUA_Achr9P12110_001

Musa balbisiana: ITC1587_Bchr9_P26076

Sorghum bicolor : jgi|Sorbi1|5042600|Sb06g029725

Sorghum bicolor : jgi|Sorbi1|5060272|Sb09g007250

Setaria italica v164: Si028657m|PACid:19711833

Oryza sativa v193: LOC_Os09g37840.1|PACid:21925564

Oryza sativa ssp. japonica 5.0: LOC_Os09g37840.1|13109.m03758|protein

Oryza brachyantha 22: OB09G25500.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA09G19970.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA04G10400.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA04G10420.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA04G10420.2

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA03G13380.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA03G23710.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA01G38080.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA04G10450.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA06G21480.2

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA06G21480.3

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA06G21480.5

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA11G06300.3

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA04G10450.2

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA11G06300.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA11G06300.2

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA09G19980.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA09G19980.2

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA03G13300.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA03G13340.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA03G13340.2

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA01G09990.1

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC01G32390.1

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC01G32390.2

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC04G00240.1

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC04G05700.1

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC09G04430.1

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC09G04430.2

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC04G24060.1

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC04G24060.2

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC08G04640.1

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC08G04640.2

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC08G04640.3

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC09G17220.1

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC04G24030.1

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC01G32370.1

Oryza punctata 22: OPUNC04G24010.1

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM09G19320.1

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM04G00120.1

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM04G06720.1

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM01G08890.1

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM04G26470.1

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM04G26470.2

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM09G19350.1

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM05G04470.1

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM01G08890.3

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM01G08890.4

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM01G37530.1

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM01G37530.2

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM04G26320.2

Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM04G26320.1

Oryza meridionalis 22: OMERI04G05430.1

Oryza meridionalis 22: OMERI05G04430.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART04G00190.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART04G06950.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART04G06950.2

Oryza barthii 22: OBART04G24930.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART01G07680.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART01G38770.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART01G33320.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART01G33320.2

Oryza barthii 22: OBART01G33320.3

Oryza barthii 22: OBART01G33320.4

Oryza barthii 22: OBART01G33320.5

Oryza barthii 22: OBART01G33320.6

Oryza barthii 22: OBART01G33320.7

Oryza barthii 22: OBART01G33320.8

Oryza barthii 22: OBART11G06260.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART11G06260.2

Oryza barthii 22: OBART12G01840.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART09G18810.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART09G18840.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART04G12430.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART04G24880.1

Oryza barthii 22: OBART04G24880.2

Oryza barthii 22: OBART04G24880.3

Triticum urartu 22: TRIUR3_04381-P1

Triticum urartu 22: TRIUR3_21795-P1

Triticum urartu 22: TRIUR3_34810-P1

Solanum tuberosum : PGSC0003DMP400033498

Solanum lycopersicum v.2.3: Solyc03g006730.1.1

Mimulus guttatus v140: mgv1a000137m|PACid:17669864

Mimulus guttatus v140: mgv1a000166m|PACid:17681012

Vitis vinifera : GSVIVT01005714001

Linum usitatissimum v200: Lus10007600|PACid:23140338

Linum usitatissimum v200: Lus10039731|PACid:23165216

Linum usitatissimum v200: Lus10013245|PACid:23166684

Linum usitatissimum v200: Lus10018516|PACid:23180439

Malus domestica v196: MDP0000282583|PACid:22646622

Malus domestica v196: MDP0000223668|PACid:22632240

Malus domestica v196: MDP0000318715|PACid:22666559

Malus domestica v196: MDP0000292294|PACid:22635538

Fragaria vesca : gene11678

Fragaria vesca : gene02011

Arabidopsis thaliana 10: AT1G11300.1

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra011337

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra027089

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra031766

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra040972

Theobroma cacao B97-61/B2 v1: Tc06_g017290

Theobroma cacao B97-61/B2 v1: Tc07_g007450

Pinus taeda: PITA_000036044-RA

Pinus taeda: PITA_000051304-RA