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Domain combinations for _gap_,57196,57184,57196,57196,_gap_ superfamilies in all genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

57196 - EGF/Laminin
57184 - Growth factor receptor domain
57196 - EGF/Laminin
57196 - EGF/Laminin

Phylogenetic distribution

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40 sequences contain the _gap_,57196,57184,57196,57196,_gap_ domain architecture in all genomes.

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Daphnia pulex : jgi|Dappu1|318862|NCBI_GNO_2600165

Anopheles gambiae 49_3j: AGAP010049-PA

Drosophila mojavensis 1.3: FBpp0166494

Drosophila virilis 1.2: FBpp0237248

Drosophila ananassae 1.3: FBpp0117203

Drosophila erecta 1.3: FBpp0143359

Drosophila melanogaster 76_5: FBpp0088727

Drosophila melanogaster 76_5: FBpp0088728

Drosophila melanogaster 76_5: FBpp0293450

Drosophila sechellia 1.3: FBpp0198312

Drosophila simulans 1.3: FBpp0221519

Drosophila yakuba 1.3: FBpp0262768

Drosophila suzukii: DS10_00000779

Drosophila pseudoobscura 2.13: FBpp0280796

Drosophila willistoni 1.3: FBpp0243710

Drosophila grimshawi 1.3: FBpp0159110

Danio rerio 76_9: ENSDARP00000089069

Oreochromis niloticus 76_1.0: ENSONIP00000021501

Oreochromis niloticus 76_1.0: ENSONIP00000021502

Poecilia formosa 76: ENSPFOP00000013672

Xiphophorus maculatus 76_4.4.2: ENSXMAP00000014484

Oryzias latipes 76_1: ENSORLP00000013301

Gasterosteus aculeatus 76_1: ENSGACP00000021284

Gasterosteus aculeatus 76_1: ENSGACP00000021286

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000015048

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000032884

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000032885

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000032886

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000032887

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000039252

Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000006377

Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000013299

Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000017181

Lepisosteus oculatus 76: ENSLOCP00000000790

Xenopus tropicalis 76_4.2: ENSXETP00000046677

Myotis lucifugus 76_2.0: ENSMLUP00000004628

Canis familiaris 76_3.1: ENSCAFP00000006075

Mustela putorius furo 76_1.0: ENSMPUP00000006989

Sus scrofa 76_10.2: ENSSSCP00000025758

Sus scrofa 76_10.2: ENSSSCP00000019577