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Domain combinations for _gap_,57850,57845,_gap_,81296,101898 superfamilies in all genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

57850 - RING/U-box
57845 - B-box zinc-binding domain
81296 - E set domains
101898 - NHL repeat

Phylogenetic distribution

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12 sequences contain the _gap_,57850,57845,_gap_,81296,101898 domain architecture in all genomes.

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Strigamia maritima 22: SMAR000960-PA

Dasypus novemcinctus 76_2: ENSDNOP00000023775

Ailuropoda melanoleuca 76_1: ENSAMEP00000019498

Ovis aries 76_3.1: ENSOARP00000003536

Ovis aries 76_3.1: ENSOARP00000019593

Oryctolagus cuniculus 76_2: ENSOCUP00000004586

Mus musculus 76_38: ENSMUSP00000049902

Papio anubis 76: ENSPANP00000015326

Nomascus leucogenys 76_1.0: ENSNLEP00000007176

Gorilla gorilla 76_3.1: ENSGGOP00000007149

Pan troglodytes 76_2.1.4: ENSPTRP00000043380

Homo sapiens 76_38: ENSP00000339659