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Domain combinations for 100895,47473,48726,48726,75011 superfamilies in all Eukaryotic genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

100895 - Kazal-type serine protease inhibitors
47473 - EF-hand
48726 - Immunoglobulin
48726 - Immunoglobulin
75011 - 3-carboxy-cis,cis-mucoante lactonizing enzyme

Phylogenetic distribution

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23 sequences contain the 100895,47473,48726,48726,75011 domain architecture in Eukaryotes.

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Lepisosteus oculatus 76: ENSLOCP00000009712

Anas platyrhynchos 76_1.0: ENSAPLP00000015370

Latimeria chalumnae 76_1: ENSLACP00000023246

Meleagris gallopavo 76_2: ENSMGAP00000001658

Xiphophorus maculatus 76_4.4.2: ENSXMAP00000002137

Erinaceus europaeus 76: ENSEEUP00000005515

Gasterosteus aculeatus 76_1: ENSGACP00000021967

Gasterosteus aculeatus 76_1: ENSGACP00000021968

Gasterosteus aculeatus 76_1: ENSGACP00000027608

Papio anubis 76: ENSPANP00000003145

Otolemur garnettii 76_3: ENSOGAP00000000160

Ornithorhynchus anatinus 76_5: ENSOANP00000015388

Ornithorhynchus anatinus 76_5: ENSOANP00000015387

Ornithorhynchus anatinus 76_5: ENSOANP00000021152

Tetraodon nigroviridis 76_8: ENSTNIP00000016021

Tetraodon nigroviridis 76_8: ENSTNIP00000019180

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000012824

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000012825

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000018090

Poecilia formosa 76: ENSPFOP00000002803

Xenopus tropicalis 76_4.2: ENSXETP00000026246

Xenopus tropicalis 76_4.2: ENSXETP00000034812

Taeniopygia guttata 76_3.2.4: ENSTGUP00000005954