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Domain combinations for _gap_,82895,57424,_gap_,57196,82895 superfamilies in all Eukaryotic genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

82895 - TSP-1 type 1 repeat
57424 - LDL receptor-like module
57196 - EGF/Laminin
82895 - TSP-1 type 1 repeat

Phylogenetic distribution

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19 sequences contain the _gap_,82895,57424,_gap_,57196,82895 domain architecture in Eukaryotes.

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Lepisosteus oculatus 76: ENSLOCP00000010723

Lepisosteus oculatus 76: ENSLOCP00000010740

Lepisosteus oculatus 76: ENSLOCP00000010751

Lepisosteus oculatus 76: ENSLOCP00000013990

Astyanax mexicanus 76: ENSAMXP00000013330

Oreochromis niloticus 76_1.0: ENSONIP00000023479

Xiphophorus maculatus 76_4.4.2: ENSXMAP00000018259

Danio rerio 76_9: ENSDARP00000121323

Danio rerio 76_9: ENSDARP00000103915

Gasterosteus aculeatus 76_1: ENSGACP00000021570

Gasterosteus aculeatus 76_1: ENSGACP00000021571

Oryzias latipes 76_1: ENSORLP00000012334

Rattus norvegicus 76_5.0: ENSRNOP00000010100

Tetraodon nigroviridis 76_8: ENSTNIP00000010690

Tetraodon nigroviridis 76_8: ENSTNIP00000000750

Poecilia formosa 76: ENSPFOP00000011851

Poecilia formosa 76: ENSPFOP00000012219

Pteropus vampyrus 76_1: ENSPVAP00000007238

Xenopus tropicalis 76_4.2: ENSXETP00000024355