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Domain combinations for _gap_,90229,_gap_,90229,57756 superfamilies in all Eukaryotic genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

90229 - CCCH zinc finger
90229 - CCCH zinc finger
57756 - Retrovirus zinc finger-like domains

Phylogenetic distribution

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20 sequences contain the _gap_,90229,_gap_,90229,57756 domain architecture in Eukaryotes.

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Gadus morhua 76_1: ENSGMOP00000002474

Latimeria chalumnae 76_1: ENSLACP00000021021

Nomascus leucogenys 76_1.0: ENSNLEP00000013467

Ficedula albicollis 76_1.0: ENSFALP00000014399

Bos taurus 76_3.1: ENSBTAP00000002701

Daphnia pulex : jgi|Dappu1|51128|e_gw1.24.75.1

Gasterosteus aculeatus 76_1: ENSGACP00000010328

Gallus gallus 76_4: ENSGALP00000007498

Cavia porcellus 76_3: ENSCPOP00000001614

Homo sapiens 76_38: ENSP00000395311

Mus musculus 76_38: ENSMUSP00000124899

Mus musculus 76_38: ENSMUSP00000124966

Anopheles darlingi 22: ADAR002485-PA

Rattus norvegicus 76_5.0: ENSRNOP00000046991

Rattus norvegicus 76_5.0: ENSRNOP00000030648

Rattus norvegicus 76_5.0: ENSRNOP00000056945

Macaca mulatta 76_1: ENSMMUP00000006978

Takifugu rubripes 76_4: ENSTRUP00000008269

Oikopleura dioica: GSOIDT00009128001

Taeniopygia guttata 76_3.2.4: ENSTGUP00000007781