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Domain combinations for 56568,81502,50022 superfamilies

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

56568 - Non-globular alpha+beta subunits of globular proteins
81502 - ISP transmembrane anchor
50022 - ISP domain

Phylogenetic distribution

Other domain architectures with a similar genomic distribution.
See the phylogenetic distribution for this domain architecture.

Domain combination graphics and links

22 sequences contain the 56568,81502,50022 domain architecture in STRING v9.0.5.

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STRING v9.0.5: 9606.ENSP00000306397

STRING v9.0.5: 10090.ENSMUSP00000045284

STRING v9.0.5: 9031.ENSGALP00000007075

STRING v9.0.5: 9600.ENSPPYP00000010979

STRING v9.0.5: 10116.ENSRNOP00000024609

STRING v9.0.5: 7955.ENSDARP00000011707

STRING v9.0.5: 7955.ENSDARP00000099928

STRING v9.0.5: 99883.ENSTNIP00000017208

STRING v9.0.5: 9361.ENSDNOP00000004892

STRING v9.0.5: 9615.ENSCAFP00000011310

STRING v9.0.5: 9685.ENSFCAP00000008166

STRING v9.0.5: 69293.ENSGACP00000018692

STRING v9.0.5: 10141.ENSCPOP00000001873

STRING v9.0.5: 28377.ENSACAP00000014607

STRING v9.0.5: 8090.ENSORLP00000000780

STRING v9.0.5: 13616.ENSMODP00000015899

STRING v9.0.5: 9544.ENSMMUP00000030343

STRING v9.0.5: 9544.ENSMMUP00000011034

STRING v9.0.5: 31033.ENSTRUP00000040901

STRING v9.0.5: 9598.ENSPTRP00000018458

STRING v9.0.5: 9598.ENSPTRP00000024815

STRING v9.0.5: 7739.JGI116275