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GO Hierarchy

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Search the GO hierarchy:
    Using a GO ID (e.g., "GO:0019827" or "0019827") or a GO term (e.g., or "stem cell maintenance")
    When searching against a GO term, it is better to specify its subontology (e.g., "BP:stem cell maintenance").
    Notes: BP for Biological Process, MF for Molecular Function, and CC for Cellular Component

Root: GO Hierarchy Containing Three Sub-Ontologies (BP, MF, CC)

GO term [GO ID] <# Children>
Biological Process (BP):   biological_process [GO:0008150] <30>
Cellular Component (CC):   cellular_component [GO:0005575] <22>
Molecular Function (MF):   molecular_function [GO:0003674] <15>