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Trimeric LpxA-like enzymes superfamily models

A superfamily is represented by one or more models; usually there is more than one model representing the superfamily. Since each model is built to capture the whole superfamily, they are likely to be overlapping and sometimes are mostly overlapping or even redundant to each other. Also models often do not score their own seed sequence more highly than other sequences in the superfamily, so it is a mistake to think that the model represents the seed sequence.

All models are available for immediate download after obtaining a license by filling in a short online registration form. Licenses are free for academic and commercial purposes.

Plots showing hydrophobicity, match emmission probabilities and insertion/deletion probabilities can be viewed for each model by following the model ID link.

All 18 SUPERFAMILY models representing the Trimeric LpxA-like enzymes superfamily
Model ID No. of seqs Build date Seed sequence Family of seed
0039338 2030 2005-09-08 d1j2za_ UDP N-acetylglucosamine acyltransferase
0053166 7373 2008-09-10 d2jf2a1 UDP N-acetylglucosamine acyltransferase
0049600 2464 2008-09-10 d1tdta_ Tetrahydrodipicolinate-N-succinlytransferase, THDP-succinlytransferase, DapD
0047822 4876 2008-09-10 d1kk6a_ Galactoside acetyltransferase-like
0050899 3785 2008-09-10 d1xata_ Galactoside acetyltransferase-like
0048541 8041 2008-09-10 d1ocxa_ Galactoside acetyltransferase-like
0047866 7745 2008-09-10 d1krra_ Galactoside acetyltransferase-like
0047206 5611 2008-09-10 d1hm9a1 GlmU C-terminal domain-like
0047244 5120 2008-09-10 d1hv9a1 GlmU C-terminal domain-like
0051363 3550 2008-09-10 d1yp2a1 GlmU C-terminal domain-like
0053094 199 2008-09-10 d2icya1 GlmU C-terminal domain-like
0050963 7934 2008-09-10 d1xhda_ gamma-carbonic anhydrase-like
0049025 6543 2008-09-10 d1qrea_ gamma-carbonic anhydrase-like
0044607 2210 2005-09-08 d1v3wa_ gamma-carbonic anhydrase-like
0043743 1369 2005-09-08 d1ssqa_ Serine acetyltransferase
0043848 1545 2005-09-08 d1t3da_ Serine acetyltransferase
0052621 584 2008-09-10 d2f9ca1 YdcK-like
0054843 7387 2010-05-31 d3bswa1 PglD-like