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"Helical backbone" metal receptor superfamily models

A superfamily is represented by one or more models; usually there is more than one model representing the superfamily. Since each model is built to capture the whole superfamily, they are likely to be overlapping and sometimes are mostly overlapping or even redundant to each other. Also models often do not score their own seed sequence more highly than other sequences in the superfamily, so it is a mistake to think that the model represents the seed sequence.

All models are available for immediate download after obtaining a license by filling in a short online registration form. Licenses are free for academic and commercial purposes.

Plots showing hydrophobicity, match emmission probabilities and insertion/deletion probabilities can be viewed for each model by following the model ID link.

All 15 SUPERFAMILY models representing the "Helical backbone" metal receptor superfamily
Model ID No. of seqs Build date Seed sequence Family of seed
0036959 346 2005-09-08 d1efdn_ Periplasmic ferric siderophore binding protein FhuD
0042423 376 2005-09-08 d1pq4a_ TroA-like
0051121 1421 2008-09-10 d1xvla1 TroA-like
0042458 373 2005-09-08 d1psza_ TroA-like
0048271 2052 2008-09-10 d1n2za_ TroA-like
0044070 363 2005-09-08 d1toaa_ TroA-like
0048164 406 2008-09-10 d1miob_ Nitrogenase iron-molybdenum protein
0042774 345 2005-09-08 d1qgub_ Nitrogenase iron-molybdenum protein
0048954 490 2008-09-10 d1qgua_ Nitrogenase iron-molybdenum protein
0048163 638 2008-09-10 d1mioa_ Nitrogenase iron-molybdenum protein
0053187 872 2008-09-10 d2minb_ Nitrogenase iron-molybdenum protein
0053186 619 2008-09-10 d2mina_ Nitrogenase iron-molybdenum protein
0054509 2440 2010-05-31 d2phza1 TM0189-like
0052519 55 2008-09-10 d2etva1 TM0189-like
0052172 1010 2008-09-10 d2chua1 TM0189-like