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Ammonium transporter superfamily

SCOP classification
Root:   SCOP hierarchy in SUPERFAMILY [ 0] (11)
Class:   Membrane and cell surface proteins and peptides [ 56835] (58)
Fold:   Ammonium transporter [ 111351]
Superfamily:   Ammonium transporter [ 111352]
Families:   Ammonium transporter [ 111353]

Superfamily statistics
Genomes (2,322) Uniprot 2018_03 genome PDB chains (SCOP 1.75)
Domains 5,264 32,615 5
Proteins 5,194 32,390 5

Functional annotation
General category Processes_IC
Detailed category Transport

Function annotation of SCOP domain superfamilies

Mouse Phenotype (MP)

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MP termFDR (all)SDMP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal homeostasis0Least InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal ion homeostasis0InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal mineral level0Highly InformativeDirect

Document: MP annotation of SCOP domains

Worm Phenotype (WP)

(show details) Document: WP annotation of SCOP domains

Yeast Phenotype (YP)

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YP termFDR (all)SDYP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Yeast Phenotype (YP)metabolism and growth0Least InformativeDirect
Yeast Phenotype (YP)chemical compound accumulation0InformativeDirect

Document: YP annotation of SCOP domains

Xenopus Anatomy (XA)

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XA termFDR (all)SDXA levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Xenopus ANatomical entity (XAN)trunk0Least InformativeDirect
Xenopus ANatomical entity (XAN)cavitated compound organ0Least InformativeDirect
Xenopus DEvelopment stage (XDE)unspecified stage0Moderately InformativeDirect

Document: XA annotation of SCOP domains

Arabidopsis Plant Ontology (AP)

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AP termFDR (all)SDAP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)cardinal part of multi-tissue plant structure0.2792Least InformativeInherited
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)root system0.3034Least InformativeInherited
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)root epidermis0.000004706InformativeDirect
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)root tip0.000007032InformativeDirect
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)root hair cell0.0000005321Highly InformativeDirect

Document: AP annotation of SCOP domains

InterPro annotation
Cross references IPR010256 SSF111352 Protein matches

A number of evolutionarily-related proteins have been found to be involved in the transport of ammonium ions across membranes [PubMed8062823, PubMed8621394].

Members of this family include:

  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae ammonium transporters MEP1, MEP2 and MEP3.
  • Arabidopsis thaliana high affinity ammonium transporter (gene AMT1).
  • Corynebacterium glutamicum ammonium and methylammonium transport system.
  • Escherichia coli putative ammonium transporter amtB.
  • Bacillus subtilis nrgA.
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis hypothetical protein MtCY338.09c.
  • Synechocystis sp. (strain PCC 6803) hypothetical proteins sll0108, sll0537 and sll1017.
  • Methanococcus jannaschii hypothetical proteins MJ0058 and MJ1343.
  • Caenorhabditis elegans hypothetical proteins C05E11.4, F49E11.3 and M195.3.

As expected by their transport function, these proteins are highly hydrophobic and seem to contain from 10 to 12 transmembrane domains.

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