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Bcl-2 inhibitors of programmed cell death family

SCOP classification
Root:   SCOP hierarchy in SUPERFAMILY [ 0] (11)
Class:   Membrane and cell surface proteins and peptides [ 56835] (58)
Fold:   Toxins' membrane translocation domains [ 56836] (5)
Superfamily:   Bcl-2 inhibitors of programmed cell death [ 56854]
Family:   Bcl-2 inhibitors of programmed cell death [ 56855] (10)

Family statistics
Genomes (87) Uniprot 2018_03 genome PDB chains (SCOP 1.75)
Domains 501 1,437 29
Proteins 500 1,436 29

Disease Ontology (DO)

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DO termFDR (all)SDDO levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Disease Ontology (DO)organ system cancer0.0004907Least InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)nervous system disease0.4668Least InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)hematologic cancer0.002353Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)disease by infectious agent0.002814Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)hypersensitivity reaction type II disease0.004085Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)cell type cancer0.005064Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)gastrointestinal system cancer0.1766Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)osteosarcoma0.0002171InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)lymphoblastic leukemia0.03387InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)chronic lymphocytic leukemia0.000003825Highly InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)Graves' disease0.0001295Highly InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)gastric adenocarcinoma0.0001487Highly InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)tuberculosis0.0009815Highly InformativeDirect

Document: DO annotation of SCOP domains

Mouse Phenotype (MP)

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MP termFDR (all)SDMP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)hematopoietic system phenotype0.001148Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)endocrine/exocrine gland phenotype0.001165Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)immune system phenotype0.001332Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)cellular phenotype0.07492Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)nervous system phenotype0.1566Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal endocrine gland morphology0.0001025Moderately InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal immune system organ morphology0.0005761Moderately InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal cell death0.0009726Moderately InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal leukocyte physiology0.001037Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)neoplasm0.001208Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal T cell morphology0.001353Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)increased hematopoietic cell number0.004057Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal lymphocyte cell number0.004221Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)decreased hematopoietic cell number0.008842Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal brain morphology0.01347Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal blood cell morphology0.01845Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal blood cell morphology/development0.0228Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal renal/urinary system morphology0.03769Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal B cell morphology0.09202Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal professional antigen presenting cell morphology0.104Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal professional antigen presenting cell physiology0.1881Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal reproductive system morphology0.218Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal immune serum protein physiology0.3306Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal T cell differentiation0.00002685InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal mature B cell number0.0002245InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal T cell physiology0.0002639InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal metencephalon morphology0.0006715InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal renal glomerulus morphology0.002265InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal germ cell morphology0.01056InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal B cell differentiation0.03496InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)decreased B cell number0.05541InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal immunoglobulin level0.05634InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal spleen morphology0.07021InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)increased lymphocyte cell number0.08531InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal lymph node morphology0.1825InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal lymph organ size0.3293InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal ovary morphology0.3775InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)decreased mature B cell number0.0000743Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal autonomic nervous system morphology0.0001708Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)absent gametes0.0002373Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal T cell apoptosis0.0004411Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)enlarged lymph nodes0.0005836Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)decreased apoptosis0.0008746Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)enlarged spleen0.0009489Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal immune organ physiology0.008842Highly InformativeInherited

Document: MP annotation of SCOP domains

Xenopus Anatomy (XA)

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XA termFDR (all)SDXA levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Xenopus ANatomical entity (XAN)embryo0Least InformativeDirect

Document: XA annotation of SCOP domains

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