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Leucine zipper domain family

SCOP classification
Root:   SCOP hierarchy in SUPERFAMILY [ 0] (11)
Class:   Coiled coil proteins [ 57942] (7)
Fold:   Parallel coiled-coil [ 57943] (34)
Superfamily:   Leucine zipper domain [ 57959]
Family:   Leucine zipper domain [ 57960] (16)

Family statistics
Genomes (101) Uniprot 2018_03 genome PDB chains (SCOP 1.75)
Domains 900 2,270 22
Proteins 900 2,270 22

Disease Ontology (DO)

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DO termFDR (all)SDDO levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Disease Ontology (DO)organ system cancer0.005332Least InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)hematologic cancer0.0002352Moderately InformativeDirect

Document: DO annotation of SCOP domains

Mouse Phenotype (MP)

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MP termFDR (all)SDMP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)cellular phenotype0.0235Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)nervous system phenotype0.2831Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)adipose tissue phenotype0.01923Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)liver/biliary system phenotype0.05826Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal cell death0.08781Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal skin morphology0.1605Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal renal/urinary system morphology0.3853Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal behavior1Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)seizures0.003084InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal hepatobiliary system physiology0.008944InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal white adipose tissue morphology0.08953InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal renal glomerulus morphology0.1122InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal bone ossification0.26InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal epidermal layer morphology0.2775InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal adipose tissue amount0.8059InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)thick epidermis0.0005547Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)absence seizures0.0005841Highly InformativeDirect

Document: MP annotation of SCOP domains

Worm Phenotype (WP)

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WP termFDR (all)SDWP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Worm Phenotype (WP)organism environmental stimulus response variant0.009245Least InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)organism metabolism processing variant0.09558Least InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)level of transgene expression variant0.0004108Moderately InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)organism stress response variant0.3166Moderately InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)chemical response variant0.7016Moderately InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)transgene expression reduced0.0000008842InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)organism pathogen response variant0.001833InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)RNA expression variant0.04212InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)pathogen susceptibility increased0.0005319Highly InformativeDirect

Document: WP annotation of SCOP domains

Fly Phenotype (FP)

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FP termFDR (all)SDFP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Fly Phenotype (FP)increased mortality0.001032Least InformativeInherited
Fly Phenotype (FP)lethal - all die before end of P-stage0.02036Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Phenotype (FP)lethal - all die before end of first instar larval stage0.0008718InformativeDirect

Document: FP annotation of SCOP domains

Fly Anatomy (FA)

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FA termFDR (all)SDFA levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Fly Anatomy (FA)adult0.1814Least InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)anatomical group0.5463Least InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)multi-tissue structure0.5896Least InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)circulatory system0.1813Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)epithelium0.3525Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)developing material anatomical entity0.4898Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)adult heart0.0009501InformativeDirect
Fly Anatomy (FA)presumptive embryonic/larval system0.0793InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)cuboidal/columnar epithelium0.2206InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)embryonic epidermis0.02751Highly InformativeInherited

Document: FA annotation of SCOP domains

Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)

(show details)
ZA termFDR (all)SDZA levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)cell0.1121Least InformativeInherited
Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)hematopoietic cell0.03671InformativeInherited

Document: ZA annotation of SCOP domains

Xenopus Anatomy (XA)

(show details) Document: XA annotation of SCOP domains

Arabidopsis Plant Ontology (AP)

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AP termFDR (all)SDAP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)root0.4943Least InformativeInherited
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)portion of ground tissue0.02172InformativeInherited
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)root tip0.02343InformativeInherited
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)plant axis elongation zone0.0006723Highly InformativeDirect
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)primary root0.0006763Highly InformativeDirect
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)stele0.006289Highly InformativeInherited

Document: AP annotation of SCOP domains

Enzyme Commission (EC)

(show details)
EC termFDR (all)SDEC levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Enzyme Commission (EC)Transferases0Least InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Acyltransferases0Moderately InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Transferring groups other than amino-acyl groups0InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Histone acetyltransferase0Highly InformativeDirect

Document: EC annotation of SCOP domains

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