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ABC transporter transmembrane region family

SCOP classification
Root:   SCOP hierarchy in SUPERFAMILY [ 0] (11)
Class:   Membrane and cell surface proteins and peptides [ 56835] (58)
Fold:   ABC transporter transmembrane region [ 90122]
Superfamily:   ABC transporter transmembrane region [ 90123]
Family:   ABC transporter transmembrane region [ 90124] (2)

Family statistics
Genomes (2,199) Uniprot 2018_03 genome PDB chains (SCOP 1.75)
Domains 4,992 44,709 4
Proteins 4,942 44,041 4

Enzyme Commission (EC)

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EC termFDR (all)SDEO levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Enzyme Commission (EC)Acting on acid anhydrides0Least InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Acting on acid anhydrides; catalyzing transmembran0InformativeDirect

Document: EC annotation of SCOP domains

Disease Ontology (DO)

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DO termFDR (all)SDDO levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Disease Ontology (DO)organ system cancer0.006323Least InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)nervous system disease0.3235Least InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)genetic disease0.0006841Moderately InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)hematologic cancer0.007585Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)gastrointestinal system disease0.0322Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)lower respiratory tract disease0.09494Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)disease by infectious agent0.1551Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)hypersensitivity reaction type II disease0.3847Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)autosomal recessive disease0.00000144InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)myeloid leukemia0.000008305InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)epilepsy0.0001284InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)liver disease0.8657InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)acute myeloid leukemia0.0000006542Highly InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)bronchiectasis0.00000129Highly InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)brucellosis0.000002784Highly InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)intrahepatic cholestasis0.0002477Highly InformativeDirect
Disease Ontology (DO)autoimmune disease of urogenital tract0.02077Highly InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)liver cirrhosis0.1932Highly InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)cholangitis0.1994Highly InformativeInherited

Document: DO annotation of SCOP domains

Human Phenotype (HP)

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HP termFDR (all)SDHP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Abnormality of the immune system0.009402Least InformativeInherited
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Abnormality of the digestive system0.2348Least InformativeInherited
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Abnormality of the abdominal organs0.2015Moderately InformativeInherited
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Abnormal respiratory system morphology0.4327Moderately InformativeInherited
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Abnormality of immune system physiology0.7923Moderately InformativeInherited
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Abnormality of the upper respiratory tract0.05263InformativeInherited
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Respiratory tract infection0.08669InformativeInherited
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Recurrent infections0.1944InformativeInherited
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Recurrent acute respiratory tract infection0.0000007675Highly InformativeDirect
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Bronchitis0.0001668Highly InformativeDirect
Phenotypic Abnormality (PA)Bronchiectasis0.0009257Highly InformativeDirect

Document: HP annotation of SCOP domains

Mouse Phenotype (MP)

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MP termFDR (all)SDMP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal homeostasis0.5456Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)nervous system phenotype0.8399Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal lipid homeostasis0.0239Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)liver/biliary system phenotype0.04527Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal ion homeostasis0.000301InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal hepatobiliary system physiology0.08419InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)nervous system inclusion bodies0.0003614Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal gallbladder physiology0.0006681Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)amyloidosis0.001424Highly InformativeInherited

Document: MP annotation of SCOP domains

Worm Phenotype (WP)

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WP termFDR (all)SDWP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Worm Phenotype (WP)organism environmental stimulus response variant0.004631Least InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)cell physiology variant0.7096Least InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)cell development variant0.9752Least InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)chemical response variant0.00118Moderately InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)organ system development variant0.3909Moderately InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)metal response variant0.0000000007652InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)chemical hypersensitive0.00000004717InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)drug hypersensitive0.008379InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)cadmium hypersensitive0.00004222Highly InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)RNAi resistant0.0003527Highly InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)intestinal development variant0.0004967Highly InformativeDirect

Document: WP annotation of SCOP domains

Yeast Phenotype (YP)

(show details)
YP termFDR (all)SDYP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Yeast Phenotype (YP)resistance to chemicals0Least InformativeDirect

Document: YP annotation of SCOP domains

Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)

(show details) Document: ZA annotation of SCOP domains

Xenopus Anatomy (XA)

(show details)
XA termFDR (all)SDXA levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Xenopus DEvelopment stage (XDE)embryonic stage0.1721Moderately InformativeInherited
Xenopus DEvelopment stage (XDE)tailbud stage0.1179InformativeInherited

Document: XA annotation of SCOP domains

Arabidopsis Plant Ontology (AP)

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AP termFDR (all)SDAP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)portion of ground tissue0.0001919InformativeDirect
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)vascular system0.1529InformativeInherited
Plant structure DEvelopment stage (PDE)seedling development stage0.0007844InformativeDirect

Document: AP annotation of SCOP domains

Enzyme Commission (EC)

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EC termFDR (all)SDEC levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Enzyme Commission (EC)Isomerases0.00000006149Moderately InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Translocases0InformativeDirect

Document: EC annotation of SCOP domains

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