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Taxonomic distribution of Nitrite/Sulfite reductase N-terminal domain-like domains in Crenarchaeota

TaxViz displays the distribution of domains across the major taxonomic kingdoms, and organisms within each kingdom.

Each node represents the features of a single taxonomic group, or organism. The nodes are arranged hierarchically in concentric rings. The parent taxon, located in the centre, leads recursively outwards towards its children. The size of the circle indicates the mean number of domains found per organism in a given taxonomic group. For individual organisms, it gives the actual number of domains.

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Higher taxonomic groups:
All kingdoms
distribution Maximum: Gossypium raimondii Minimum: Methanosaeta thermophila PT(plus 60 others) Crenarchaeota Sulfolobus islandicus Y.N.15.51 Pyrobaculum islandicum DSM 4184 Pyrobaculum neutrophilum V24Sta Sulfolobus solfataricus P2 Sulfolobus tokodaii str. 7 Sulfolobus acidocaldarius DSM 639 Metallosphaera sedula DSM 5348 Pyrobaculum calidifontis JCM 11548 Caldivirga maquilingensis IC-167 Pyrobaculum ferrireducens Vulcanisaeta moutnovskia 768-28 Vulcanisaeta distributa DSM 14429 Pyrobaculum arsenaticum DSM 13514 Thermoproteus tenax Kra 1 Pyrobaculum oguniense TE7 Pyrobaculum aerophilum str. IM2 Model Organisms

TaxViz originally by Charles Talbot.

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