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You may search for a superfamily, a sequence or a genome with any of the following:

  • Superfamily name or part thereof, e.g. globin
  • SCOP classification of a superfamily, e.g. a.1.1
  • SCOP unique identifier (sunid) of a superfamily, e.g. 46458
  • InterPro superfamily accession number, e.g. SSF46458
  • PDB identifier of a member of the superfamily, e.g. 1abr
  • Hidden Markov model number, e.g. 0046853
  • Sequence identifier or accession number of a genomic sequence, e.g.:
    • gi|16131178|ref|NP_417758.1| for NCBI bacterial genomes
    • ENSP00000261267 for eukaryotic genomes from Ensembl
    • P24091 for Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL entries
  • A genome name or part thereof, e.g. arabidopsis
  • A common organism name, e.g. horse